Our VALORANT Agent guide for Clove will give you everything you need to make the most out of the Scottish Controller.

Riot Games revealed Clove during the Grand Final of Masters Madrid. The Controller Agent went live just a few days later, and since then, they have been a constant in the ranked meta. Which is why we have this Clove VALORANT Guide for you.

If you want to try them out, but don't want to instalock Clove without any clue on how to use them, look no further. The immortal Scottish Radiant joins the party with smokes, a decay, and multiple abilities to stay in the fight.

Is Clove good in VALORANT?

Normally, new VALORANT Agents make an immediate impact simply because enemy players don't know how to defend against them. While Clove falls under that category, they are also a very powerful Controller that easily slots into the VALORANT professional meta.

Clove's aggression can often go unpunished. If you aren't too fond of the Duelist role, but still want to push in with the entry players, pick up Clove. They are literally the only Agent that is still useful when they're dead.

Key points about Clove

  • Clove's Meddle ability can decay the user, allies, and enemies, so be careful where you throw it.
  • Clove works best in the middle of the map, to get full range of their smoke ability.
  • Their smokes recharge, even when dead, so don't be afraid to drop 'em when you got 'em.
  • Pair Clove with a flashing Duelist, such as Reyna, Phoenix, or Yoru. They can flash in or out of the smokes and trade you if you decide to push in first.

Clove abilities in VALORANT

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

Clove doesn't differ from other VALORANT Agents in terms of the amount of abilities. You'll find the Controller has a signature ability, two basic abilities, and an Ultimate.


image 1image 2
  • Cost: 150 Credits
  • Windup: 1.5s
  • Effect: Places smoke for 13.5s
  • Uses: 2 at round start, 30s regenerative cooldown

Ruse is Clove's signature ability. You open up a view of the map, much like Brimstone can, and place smokes. With a free one to start, one available for purchase, and a regenerative countdown, this is hands down their most team-friendly ability.

Here are some tips for usage:

  • Lurking is super easy with Clove, so place some smokes to help your team and surprise enemies elsewhere.
  • If you are going to take reckless fights, do it near the site where the round is more than likely to end. This will let you put smokes there after death.
  • Always buy two at this low credit cost to give your team as much utility as possible no matter what kind of buy everyone has.


image 1image 2
  • Cost: 250 Credits
  • Windup: 1.3s
  • Effect: Decays up to 90 max HP for 5s
  • Uses: 1 per round

Meddle is a great way for Clove to start a push onto a site or an area of the map. It lands and explodes, causing decay to the HP of anyone caught in its radius. That can give you or your teammates quick kills if you can capitalize.

Here are some things to know about using it:

  • It does not explode upon landing, but can ricochet off walls. It has a certain range, so try to use it closer instead of further on the off-chance you miscalculate the distance.
  • Meddle can decay yourself or your teammates, so be careful with where you throw it during a push.
  • Enemies will glow when the decay is in effect, letting you know who is an easy target.


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  • Cost: 100 Credits
  • Windup: 0.7s
  • Effect: Activate after a kill or assist, gain 100 HP max overheal and 15% speed boost for 11s
  • Uses: 1 per round

Pick-Me-Up is a selfish ability for a Controller to have, but it lets Clove be aggressive. After getting a kill or damaging assist, you can activate it to gain a speed boost and an overheal. Push enemies or rotate fast with haste available.

If you want some tips on how to use it, here you go:

  • Couple it with Clove's Ultimate for maximum aggression. Get a kill, keep fighting with Pick-Me-Up, and keep fighting further with the Ult if you go down.
  • Use it while a Duelist follows behind, so you can catch enemies off guard and they can trade you if you don't net the next kill.
  • It has a timer for use, so you can decide if you want to save it for later in the round or let it rip at the last second if you suspect other enemies are on the way.

Not Dead Yet

image 1image 2image 3
  • Cost: 7 Ultimate Points
  • Windup: N/A
  • Effect: Revive yourself after death, with 2s intangibility, and 12s to get a kill or damaging assist to stay alive
  • Uses: 1 use per 7 Ultimate Points

Who needs a Sage when Clove has Not Dead Yet? For a short moment after death, you can use Not Dead Yet to resurrect. Then you have a certain amount of time to get a kill or damaging assist before you're eliminated permanently in the round.

Let's go over some tips to think about:

  • Increased aggression is encouraged, because essentially the Ultimate gives your team an extra body for that round.
  • You can cancel out of the resurrection animation early to start shooting sooner. Do this around a corner to bait an enemy, picking them off as they push you.
  • If you are the last kill of the round, without the Spike planted, the round will end. If the round continues after your death, such as a post-plant scenario, you can still activate Not Dead Yet to try for the victory.

Tips for Clove on Attack in VALORANT

  • If your Duelists aren't entrying, do it yourself. Or do it as part of a game plan to let them trade you, then use Not Dead Yet to extend your time in the round.
  • More often than not, defensive enemies will hold tight angles. Swing out far and fast to gain an advantage.
  • Use Meddle to clear corners or entryways, as it will either give you the chance to win a fight or cause the enemy to leave to stay alive.
  • Not Dead Yet is much more useful on Attack, so farm Ultimate Orbs to ensure you can use it as many times as possible during the offensive half.

Tips for Clove on Defense in VALORANT

  • Clove works very similarly on Defense in VALORANT, but the key is to be much less aggressive than on Attack.
  • Play near the middle of the map. This allows your smokes to have greater rang, assisting teammates at all sites.
  • Placing smokes down to block off the middle of the map and taking space is a good strategy, allowing you to sneak behind enemies or listen for a rotation through their spawn.
  • Use Meddle if a Duelist teammate wants to be aggressive. Throw it at the rushing group of enemies, letting your ally swing out to take them all on.

Best maps for Clove in VALORANT

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Clove has been proven to work on just about every map, except for Breeze. Do not try to use Clove on Breeze. Otherwise, here are the three best maps for Clove in VALORANT:

  • Sunset: Sunset is a map that allows for much innovation in terms of Agent composition. With Clove in VALORANT, you can set up for a lot of teammates here. Place a smoke over a Sentinel's trap so enemies don't see it. Help entry with your Duelists. Lock down areas with utility and firepower. The possibilities are endless.
  • Icebox: Clove can place close smokes and push into the winding paths of Icebox for positional advantages. That can happen on both sides of the Spike. As well, all of the walls found on this map allow for easy cover when using Not Dead Yet.
  • Lotus: Set up near B as Clove and the smoke range reaches the entry point to all three sites. And while each site has multiple entrances, they are small doorways which can be easily smoked off. That works perfectly no matter which half you're in.

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