You can either spend money to do it fast or put in a bit of work to unlock a new Agent when they join the VALORANT roster.

There are plenty of Agents for you to choose from in VALORANT. You might have a main, but you never know when you'll need to fill. Or when you'll get the chance to try out a new character. That's why it is important to know how to unlock VALORANT Agents in the FPS. We've got you covered.

How to unlock the various VALORANT Agents?

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Agent contracts remain for you to obtain some cool in-game cosmetics. Gone are the days of grinding through those contracts to unlock the Agent, however. There are three ways you can unlock an Agent in VALORANT. It all depends on how quickly you want to play them:

  • Play matches and complete daily missions to gather enough XP during the Agent Recruitment Event
  • Spend 8,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock the Agent
  • Purchase the Agent with 1,000 VALORANT Points

When a new Agent arrives in VALORANT, the Agent Recruitment Event begins. It acts like the previous contract grind you went through to obtain a character. If you play enough games of VALORANT and make sure you complete the missions, you'll have the Agent in no time.

Otherwise, you can outright buy them with VALORANT Points or wait until the Recruitment Event is over to spend Kingdom Credits. All of them are viable methods, with some just taking a bit less time and resources than others.

What are Kingdom Credits?

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Everyone knows VALORANT Points are the premium currency of the Riot Games' first-person shooter. Kingdom Credits are a varying form of currency that haven't always been in the game. They were added along with a new shop section.

You earn Kingdom Credits by simply playing. The alternate shop resets weekly and gives you a chance at past accessories, such as Sprays and Player Cards. Spend your Kingdom Credits to obtain them, but know you can only have up to 10,000 in your bank at any time. Save up if you want to use them on an Agent.

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