The location of Elder Meadowrun in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is a bit different than in Retail. Here’s where to find this ancestor!

If you're set for tackling the Lunar New Year quests within OG World of Warcraft, take note. One particular NPC, Elder Meadowrun, may prove to be a bit tricky to locate within WoW Classic. The reason? Honestly, she's just in a terrible location for low-level players. Reaching this elf NPC as part of the Lunar Ancestry quest means calmly walking past level 40 mobs. In Season of Discovery, that means it's practically a death sentence.

So, if you plan on body running back and forth to complete the quest then let us point out the location of Elder Meadowrun in WoW Classic. There's no shame in receiving help, after all.

Where is Elder Meadowrun in WoW Classic Season of Discovery?

To reach Elder Meadowrun during the WoW Classic Lunar Ancestry event, you'll need to head to Western Plaguelands. However, this is where things get tricky. You'll be heading to a cave on the far east side of the map, basically at the entrance to Eastern Plaguelands. But, you won't be going into the cave. If you're playing on the retail version of WoW then you'll note that they moved Elder Meadowrun into the cave.

For those playing WoW Classic, however, you'll find the NPC south of the cave, at coordinates 66, 48. She'll be surrounded by a wagon and some boxes, as well as lighting up with a quest giver marker.

This is better than needing to go through the cave like in the olden days, but still not great! You're bound to run into diseased bears, ready to murder you dead.

Best of luck with that.

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