Guide: Where in the world is Warden Entrix in the Forbidden Reach? cover image

Guide: Where in the world is Warden Entrix in the Forbidden Reach?


Confused about how to find Warden Entrix and other rare boss spawns in the Forbidden Reach? Look no further.

Along with a return to the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7 comes a slew of new secrets to find and baddies to maim. However, some of those rare, silver-bordered elite bosses aren't the easiest to find. Such is the case with Warden Entrix, whose secret location has caused a number of players to fly aimlessly around the mountains of the Reach.

Have no fear, we're going to tell you exactly how to reach the Warden, along with any of the other bosses or treasure troves that spawn in that strange area. Let's go out in search of our dear Warden, shall we?

How to find Warden Entrix

The location of Warden Entrix is actually within the War Creche, an underground vault filled with elite blue dragon enemies. In order to get in you'll need to fly to the entrance of the War Creche at 51.93 59.38, found just above the text 'The Old Weyrn Grounds' on the center of the map. Elemental enemies cover the entrance of the War Creche.

<em>The inside of the War Creche where Warden Entrix is located.</em>
The inside of the War Creche where Warden Entrix is located.

Once inside, navigate through the waves of enemies, up a staircase, and take a teleporter pad that will push you further into the cave. At the end is a massive room, along with Warden Entrix. To get out there's a teleporter near the boss for after he dies.

A number of bosses will spawn in this same location. Don't follow the silver icons on the map and do what many others before you have done. This goes for a number of the spawned bosses throughout the Forbidden Reach. Just about all of them are tucked away inside a cave or under a mountain and half the battle is locating that entrance as soon as you can.

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