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World of Warcraft Neltharion Gift Tokens: How to get and what they’re for


Discover the origin of the Neltharion Gift Tokens in World of Warcraft, and ensure you grab as many as possible!

Added in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, Neltharion Gift Tokens are a new reward that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards and boons. But how do you get these new pieces of currency and where do you exchange them? Read on to find out more about  Neltharion Gift Tokens.

How to get Neltharion Gift Tokens in WoW: Dragonflight

Neltharion *ahem* we mean Deathwing (Image via Blizzard)
Neltharion *ahem* we mean Deathwing (Image via Blizzard)

Neltharion Gift Tokens are rewards from the Zskera Vaults, the main attraction of the Forbidden Reach. Spoils hidden away by Neltharion (who you might better know as Deathwing), these treasures are discovered in Treasure Chests on the various floors of the Vault.

To get them, simply run the Zskera Vaults. First unlock them using the following method:

  • Pick up and complete the quest Helping Hand and Claw
  • Return to Morqut Village and start the Exploring Our Past quest 
  • Unlock your first Zskera Vault

Zskera Vaults need to be opened with Zskera Vault keys. You’ll get the first one just by completing the quest line, but you can obtain more Zskera Vault Keys by participating in world events across the Forbidden Reach. Kill elite mobs, and complete the Primal Storms.

How to exchange the Tokens

The Zskera Vaults (Image via Blizzard)
The Zskera Vaults (Image via Blizzard)

To exchange the tokens, you’ll need to find the Prototype Tinker-Tron inside the Vaults. This will give you a gift in exchange for each token. A lot of these items are garbage, but the aim is to find the rarer and better items and Primordial Stones you’re looking for.

All World of Warcraft Neltharion Gift Tokens rewards 


  • Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen
  • Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams
  • Holoviewer: The Timeless One


  • Gilded Mechafrog
  • Patos
  • Kobaldt
  • Bunbo*

* Bunbo unlocks from a weekly quest called Primordial Answers, which requires you to find Four Primordial Stones in the Vaults

Primordial Stones

You can also receive random Primordial Stones in exchange for Gift Tokens. Each of these items empowers and enhances the Onyx Annulet item. These range from mana regen, to damage effects and other socketable effects. You can also recycle the unwanted ones into Dormant Primordial Fragments, and use them and Condensed Arcane Magic into new Primordial Stones!

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