Looking for the entrance of the new Blackfathom Deeps raid in Season of Discovery. Here’s the Zoram Strand location in WoW Classic.

So, you may have heard that along with the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic that there's also a new raid. While the first phase of this new and strange season caps players at level 25, that doesn't mean there isn't endgame content. Hidden way out in Kalimdor and on the fringe of Ashenvale is the Zoram Strand. Once the site of a great high elf city, the Zoram Strand in WoW Classic and Season of Discovery is home to the ten-man Blackfathom Deeps raid.

For older players, you may be wondering "Why on Thrall's green earth did they turn one of the most out of the way, annoying OG dungeons into a full raid?" Well, you might have answered your own question. For the rest of you fine folks, you might need some guidance. So let's talk about where the Zoram Strand sits, its lore, and how to get into Blackfathom Deeps.

Zoram Strand in WoW Classic

Located in Ashenvale on the Kalimdor continent, Zoram Strand in WoW Classic might be a challenge to find. On top of Ashenvale becoming a world PVP zone in Season of Discovery, it's also just out of the way for both factions. However, Horde players will have a considerably harder time getting to the entrance of Blackfathom Deeps despite having better proximity.

For Alliance, the quickest way to Zoram Strand will be from Darkshore, the zone Night Elf players find themselves in after leaving their starting area of Teldrassil. Players of the non-elf variety will need to hop some boats. Do yourself a favor and grab the Astranaar flight path before hitting Zoram Strand.

For Horde players, you're both closer and far away. You can get to Ashenvale either directly from Orgrimmar's back exit or by heading north through the Crossroads. However, this does mean you're going to have a long hike in Alliance territory and past a major travel hub in Astranaar.

The map above also marks some other ways in and out. Now, let's talk about Blackfathom Deeps.

How to enter Blackfathom Deeps in Season of Discovery

To find the Blackfathom Deeps raid entrance you'll need to head towards the beach found at Zoram Strand. You'll see a stone pagoda-looking building with some stairs. If you head down these stairs you'll eventually find yourself in a series of underground tunnels. Much like entering Deadmines in Westfall, you'll need to walk past some enemies before hitting the portal.

Zoram Strand is a fascinating bit of Warcraft lore, which makes it exciting that the area is getting some shine in WoW Classic. Taken over by the Naga post-Great Sundering, it was once a high elf city named Zoram. In addition to Zoram being destroyed, the Elune temple within the city fell underground,

According to lore, the Twilight Hammer cult is here and watching over a creature that belongs to one of the Old Gods. But, hey: When has that ever stopped adventurers from heading into the unknown?

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