Look no further for a slew of XDefiant sensitivity converter tools, and even some conversions already done for you to make it easy.

XDefiant is here, and if you're a new player that missed out on any of the previous test sessions, you might find yourself in need of a sensitivity converter. Instead of fiddling with the setting until it feels right, you can calculate a good place to start.

Either do the math yourself, or use one of several conversion tools to help you hit the sweet spot. You'll be able to set your sensitivity to a familiar number early on and tweak it to your liking. This will help you make the switch from your favorite game to XDefiant as easily and quickly as possible.

XDefiant sensitivity converter tools to use

There are a lot of websites out there with sensitivity conversion methods to help you find the right setting in XDefiant. Here are some details about the most popular and effective:

  • KovaaK's
    • It does cost money on Steam, but is a popular aim trainer that players use for dozens upon dozens of games. You can test out a variety of sensitivities from many titles to see what fits best.
  • Mouse-Sensitivity
    • This website can be complicated, but thankfully, there are simple options among its many advanced features. Select XDefiant as the game you'd like to convert to, and whatever game you'd like to convert from. Put in your Sensitivity and DPI, and you're good to go.
  • Aiming.Pro
    • This is perhaps the most convenient and simplest of the bunch. Just select the games and it will convert your sensitivity. Unfortunately, XDefiant is not available on the site yet, but once it is, it may be your best bet.

Common game conversions

Open the XDefiant Settings to change your mouse sensitivity (Screenshot via esports.gg)
Open the XDefiant Settings to change your mouse sensitivity (Screenshot via esports.gg)

If you are playing XDefiant, you more than likely have played a shooter of some kind before. Whether you're trying it and coming from Overwatch, VALORANT, or even Fortnite, you can convert your sensitivity to XDefiant.

Here are what many believe are the best sentivitiy settings for multiple games, with a consideration of 800 DPI for each, and how they convert to the new Ubisoft FPS:

    • .4 Sensitivity
    • Converted to XDefiant - 19 Sensitivity
  • Overwatch 2
    • 4.5 Sensitivity
    • Converted to XDefiant - 20 Sensitivity
  • Fortnite
    • 7 X-Axis Sensitivity
    • Converted to XDefiant - 26 Sensitivity
  • Counter-Strike 2
    • .69 Sensitivity
    • Converted to XDefiant - 10 Sensitivity
  • Call of Duty
    • 8 Sensitivity
    • Converted to XDefiant - 36 Sensitivity

Of course, all of these games are completely different, and they aren't the only ones you can convert from. Mouse-Sensitivity has a smorgasbord of titles available.

So, no matter where you're coming to XDefiant from, use the sensitivity converters as a base. Jump into the practice zone when you set it to test it out, and adjust it until you feel comfortable in this game.

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