Here’s how to fix the Can’t Connect to Match error.

XDefiant went live on May 21 and yet it seems no one can play the game.  After a very lengthy waiting period, players simply want to jump into the game but there are multiple reasons why they can’t find a match. Here’s how to fix the XDefiant Can’t Find match error and jump into a server.

How to fix the XDefiant Can’t Find match error?

If you have downloaded XDefiant and are waiting to find a match on May 21, you might be disappointed. Thousands of players are waiting for a match and they have been largely unable to find any. From waiting in queue for several minutes to a popup message that says Unable to Find a match, the errors are quite frustrating for the average player. You can go through a series of steps to ensure that you cover all your bases and find a game in XDefiant. 

Restart your Game

The first step is to simply restart the game. When you first load up the game, it takes you through an onboarding process that ensures you have optimized your game according to your PC. Sometimes, this might result in untoward settings which can impact your connection with the server.

Restarting the game also ensures that your game is optimized with no unsaved settings. If there is a problem with the game’s launch on your PC, a simple restart should solve it.

Restart the PC

Sometimes, the problem lies with the way your PC interacts with the servers. Restarting your PC ensures that your cache is cleared. Restarting the PC also ensures that in the case you actually connect with the game, you will have a smooth experience.

Check Internet Connection

If none of the above steps work, it’s always a good idea to restart your Router. While this is recommended at least once in twenty-four hours, most gamers do not restart their router every day. Restarting the router and ensuring you have a stable internet connection is a prerequisite for connecting to the game.

Keep an eye on Social Media

The launch day can have multiple issues and the connection error might simply be one of them. Keep an eye on XDefiant’s Social Media page for any timely updates regarding server availability or further steps required to ensure a stable connection.

Following these steps should hopefully help you to fix the XDefiant Can't find Match error that pops up when you are queuing up for a match.

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