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100 Thieves leaves Apex Legends’ esports scene

Despite saying they were prepared for the 2024 season, 100 Thieves has officially announced their exit from the Apex Legends scene.

It is no secret that the popular gaming and esports organization, 100 Thieves, has struggled to make their Apex Legends roster work throughout the years. Sadly, with recent news, the organization announced their official exit from the Apex Legends' esports scene, despite already having a roster prepared for 2024.

Recently, 100 Thieves Vice President of Esports, Jacob Toft-Anderson, claimed the team was prepared for the 2024 season, but then soon after announced the team's exit from the scene via Discord.

100 Thieves drops their Apex Roster back in September

The news of 100 Thieves exiting before the 2024 Apex Legends season comes as a surprise to some, but many saw it coming. Only a few months back, in September 2023, the organization announced they were dropping its entire Apex Legends roster.

This news came only months after the team had a massive wave of layoffs, which shook the gaming world. Even before the 100 Thieves' leave announcement, NRG also announced their departure from Apex Legends.

This not only makes people wonder about the future of 100 Thieves but also the future of the Apex Legends' esports scene.

Support from EA is lacking within the Apex Legends scene

It seems NRG was not the only team to express their concerns about EA's lack of support toward esports organizations.

“Out of principle we didn’t want to continue in the ALGS with how it was structured,” said Toft-Anderson. "It felt wrong moving forward when we have been hyperattentive on making each title break even and worked closely with most developers to make sure that they understand and listen to our feedback."

While support from EA obviously seems to be lacking, it also makes you question whether or not 100 Thieves' layoffs and previous financial choices have been a large aspect as to why they are leaving the Apex Legends scene.

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