ALGS was disrupted by hacking.

The North America ALGS Regional Finals were disrupted by a major hacking incident. This 'ALGS Hack' resulted in a cheater, known as Destroyer, compromising the account of some of the games major players.

This is an unprecedented moment in the ALGS, and the ALGS has been forced to suspend the Regional Finals as a result.

Update: EA & Respawn make first statement after ALGS suspension

48 hours after the incident that caused the ALGS NA Regionals to be suspended, EA and Respawn came out with a statement. In their statement Respawn acknowledged that "a few" Apex Legends Professional Player Accounts were hacked during the event, and that the pause was the best way to address game and player security.

"Our teams have deployed the first of a layer series of updates to protect the Apex Legends player community and create a secure experience for everyone," said Respawn in the post on Twitter/X. "Thank you for your patience."

ALGS hack gives Genburten and ImperialHal Apex cheats

This ALGS hack is one of the biggest incidents the ALGS has ever experienced. First Genburten, and then ImperialHal had their accounts compromised by a cheater.

Seemingly randomly during the third game of the day, Genburten's account was taken over. He could see all enemies through walls, and had no control over his aim. The cheater was able to spam his in game chat. Genburten was forced to leave the game.

Amazingly, his DarkZero teammates went on to still get second as a duo, setting them up nicely to take a win in the ALGS Regional Finals. At least initially, the tournament continued on into game four, with DarkZero in first overall.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady
(Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, the ALGS hacker struck again. In game four, ImperialHal became the new target. The Apex CEO was given aimbot (no, not aim assist) during the game. The game was ultimately abandoned.

Evidence emerges to show Zaptoh killed by ALGS hack

While it seemed that Genburen's hacks did not kill someone, evidence has emerged showing that E8 Zaptoh was actually killed across the map. At the time, it seemed like Genburten killed the player in his sights, but further investigation reveals his arrow ended up travelling off his screen and across the map.

This makes it more likely that Game 3 is voided by ALGS.

What happens now?

The ALGS has issued a statement, announcing the suspension of the Regional Finals as a result of the ALGS hacking. This will mean the finals will need to be played at a later date. We do not yet know if any of the games played will be kept, or if the event will start from scratch.

There has never been an ALGS disrupted by hacking, and this is an unprecedented moment in the history of the esport.

Should I uninstall Apex after ALGS hack?

A lot of Apex players are cautious to open the game after this ALGS hack, while the cause of the issue remains unclear. '

The Anti Cheat Police Department have suggested not to play the game until the issue has been fixed. Initially, speculation was rife that it was an 'RCE' error that exploited an issue with 'Easy Anti-Cheat'.

However, Easy Anti-Cheat have issued a statement saying that at this time they do not believe that there is an 'RCE' error within their Anti-Cheat software. While plenty of people are still playing Apex Legends, there is a significant drop in their player numbers today compared to yesterday, or last Monday.

This is a breaking story, so stay tuned as more information emerges.

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