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The ALGS Regional finals will be make or break for several teams trying to secure their spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. That means the ALGS Regional Finals Standings are very important.

While this is a separate stage to the past Group Stage action, teams placement in the Regional Finals standing still contributes points to the overall standings. Those overall standings are what decides who goes to LAN, besides the Regional Finals winner.

However, the Regional Finals use Match Point format. That means there is no set end point, keeping who is in the LAN spots fluid between games. Teams can sometimes sneak in, or miss out because of when a Match Point lobby ended.

Keep track live of who currently holds a LAN spot all event with

ALGS Regional Finals Tracker: North America


Please refresh the page to update the spreadsheet. (Ctrl+Shift+R if you don't see any changes).

North America will send twelve teams to the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. Eleven from the overall standings and one Regional Finals winner.

ALGS Regional Finals Tracker: EMEA

EMEA finals have now concluded:

EMEA will send eight teams to the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. Seven from the overall standings and one Regional Finals winner.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)
(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Looking for individual game by game scores? See here:

How does the tracker work?

This ALGS Regional Finals Standings live tracker will reflect the overall leaderboard in both regions at the end of each match. It will show who would sit where in the overall standings if the last game completed was the final game.

Teams will get points towards the overall standings based on where they finish whenever the Regional Finals concludes.

That will allow you to see, in real time, how your favourite (or least favourite) team is doing in the overall leaderboard. This will also track who is winning the overall Pro League, but that is already pretty much decided in both regions.

Of course, whoever wins the event (winning a game that they started with 50+ points) will automatically qualify. The eventual winner will be highlighted in gold.

Remember that if a team wins the Regional Finals, and they are in a LAN spot in the overall standings too, that spot gets passed down. The sheet will reflect this once someone has won.

Finally, if someone wins before six games have been completed, the tournament will carry on until six games have been played. The team that won will not continue to participate.

So stay tuned, and see how your teams move up and down the standings as the Regional Finals progress.

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