ALGS Roster Changes: Track rostermania here! cover image

ALGS Roster Changes: Track rostermania here!

Keep up with all the roster changes among the best of ALGS.

This ALGS off season is proving to be one of the busiest for ALGS roster changes. There are countless long term teams breaking up, organisations leaving the game and players choosing to look for a new adventure.

We're tracking all the roster changes for teams qualified for next years Pro League. In addition, we are also keeping track of teams who are changing organisations and those orgs leaving the game.

To maintain a Pro League spot, teams must have 2 players from the original team to qualify. Any team that does not meet this criteria will have to compete in the Pre Season qualifiers. There are two spots reserved for EA invitation per region.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady)
(Photo EA/Joe Brady)

ALGS Roster Changes: All player changes

There are a huge number of players looking for a new team as free agents. These include some of the most successful players in the game.

Players who now are free agents, looking for a team

Players are sorted by their region, but many are open to relocation.


  • Zaine
  • K4shera
  • PostKill
  • Lufka
  • Th0rfinnnnn
  • Cyqop
  • Yolo
  • LegitLolly
  • Vjeix
  • Taxington

North America

  • Sweetdreams
  • Nafen
  • StayNaughty
  • ProphetVNM
  • SlurpeeG
  • Rogue
  • Cody
  • Lewda
  • Onmuu
  • Scwury
  • Senoxe
  • Snip3down

South America

  • artiNN1
  • B1N
  • Elysium

APAC North

  • MatsuTasu
  • Whisper
  • Meltstera
  • UmichanLoveti
  • Pinotr
  • HammerDrill
  • yukaPEROdator

APAC South

  • Wey
  • Fussy
  • Prycyyy

Teams making roster changes, or newly formed teams

As rosters change, or new rosters form they will be listed below. Rosters that have a Pro League slot will be denoted, as will those that do not automatically qualify.

The new player(s) will be listed in bold.


Team o7 -> Gnaske, Naghz and Amphy (PL Invited)

Forge -> Faenex, JSavageW and Slayers (PL qualified)

Greggs -> Noiises, Brynn, SirDel (PL Invited)

Nessy -> JMW, Graceful, Tylerfps (PL Invited)

Vexed -> MaTaFe, Unlucky, Kind4 (PL Qualified)

UAIM -> MaxStrafe, Artyco, Sanya (PL invited)

North America:

Native Gaming -> Clane, Mamba and RamBeau (PL qualified)

DNO -> Lou, Dooplex and Caprah (PL qualified) (DNO have now split up)

Already There -> ImMadness, Vaxlon, Keon (PL qualified)

Moist Esports -> Wxltzy, Emtee, Gild (PL Invited)

Sentinels -> RKN, Xenial, Orioles (PL Qualified)

ex-FaZe -> Frexs, Phony, Xynew (PL Qualified)

APAC North:

FNATIC -> Satuking, Lykq, YukaF (PL Qualified)

ALGS Roster Changes: Teams changing organisations

These are players that have been released by their organisations, but are intending to stay together as a team moving forward.

  • N3LAS, 1Worst, KiingZ (Formerly Noctem)
  • Mereelj, Sanka, Dologran (Formerly Voltage)
  • StrafingFlame, PlayerKay, EzFlash (Formerly BLVKHVND)

All organisations leaving ALGS

Sadly, a number of organisations are leaving the ALGS ahead of year 4. Below are the organisations that have confirmed they will not be fielding a team next year. Organisations without a team but that have not announced their withdrawal from the game are not included.

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