Alliance are back in the drivers seat.

Alliance finally found their best in the final day of the ALGS EMEA Pro League. The side had a slow start to their campaign, which left them with some work to do in the final week of the Pro League to make sure LAN qualification was in their hands.

While their win today does not totally mathematically secure their spot at LAN, they have now moved into the region's top eight, sitting in third. This means they simply need a good showing in the Regional Finals to be sure totally of their spot at the Split 1 Playoffs.

Elsewhere, LCDF and Made in Heaven also hugely improved their LAN chances with their performances today. Aurora, who have dominated all split long, have also opened up such a significant lead that they have secured first place in the region no matter what.

Alliance can breathe a sigh of relief

Alliance have a good track record of finding results when it mattered, and that continued today. Pre-match projection models had them with about a 50% chance of making LAN, leaving them with work to do.

Snagging the maximum 25 points today has hugely improved their chances. However, signs have been good since the arrival of Unlucky, with two solid 5th place performances in his first weekend on the team.

Today felt like something extra clicked, both with the teams chemistry but also how they approached their games strategically.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Great start for Alliance will have settled any nerves

If Alliance were feeling any pressure before today's games, their opening match will have settled those immediately.

Their approach and positioning in this game was top notch. The zone, pulling just south of Monument and Fragment can be a tough one for teams to navigate. There are powerful positions around the rocks and terrain where the zone often ends, but it is hard to play there too early.

That creates a cat and mouse situation. Everyone knows where the best spots are, but when it is safe to play there?

Alliance showed their calm and experience in how they approached this game. Setting up in the Harvester choke, they held a position that allowed them to clear their back and then walk into a powerful spot. Should someone have taken any of the spots in front of them, they'd have had the upper hand pushing that team out of any position they wanted.

They racked up good KP, clearing out OMiT behind them. Effect virtually wiped 2o2 on his own, and Alliance were able to bring Unlucky back into the fight despite him being fully eliminated.

It was their choice of where to position in the first couple of zones that earned this win for them. The final two teams were forced to fight, and Alliance controlled almost the entire zone by the end of the game.

Unlucky seemed like a fantastic fit for this roster, and with a couple of ALGS gamedays under their belt the team seems to be finding their groove. While they don't need to win the EMEA Regional Final to qualify, Alliance will surely be considered amongst the favourites to do so.

Top Five

  • Alliance - 77
  • LCDF - 62
  • OMiT - 58
  • Made In Heaven - 56
  • AURORA - 48

EMEA Pro League heads to Regional Finals

The EMEA region now heads to the ALGS Regional Finals next Sunday. The winner will qualify for the Split 1 Playoffs, and seven other teams will also punch their tickets from the overall standings. Aurora and NAVI are already locked in. Alliance and o7 also are pretty much secured too. That leaves three spots, and the finals winner up for grabs.

Made in Heaven have been the surprise package of the split so far. They had a lot to do this weekend to make sure that their LAN fate remained in their hands, and they rose to the occasion. Another solid performance has kept them in 6th place, meaning they need a solid showing to finish the job next Sunday.

Made in Heaven might also have a great shout at winning the Regional Finals too. They have placed incredibly consistently in their matches. The 36 placement points they earned today was as many as Alliance grabbed on the way to their victory.

This placement focused approach will suit the Match Point format that will be in effect next Sunday.

However, the Regional Finals will be another step up in quality and with some incredibly strong teams in hot pursuit, Made in Heaven will have to find an extra gear to see it through.

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