Could we finally be about to see a change?

Prominent Apex leaker Osvaldatore has suggested that there could be an Apex Aim Assist nerf in the works for Season 22. In a shared list of rumours, which includes both new and repeated information, it is suggested that an "aim assist change is coming" and that such changes could be rolled out over time.

Aim Assist has been a ongoing topic of discussion in the Apex community for some time. Any Aim Assist nerf would be a huge moment in Apex Legends history.

Apex Developers have suggested they want to nerf Aim Assist before

While an Aim Assist nerf would be a big deal, it wouldn't be totally unexpected. Since August last year, Devs have been openly talking about nerfing Aim Assist.

They followed up on this initial show of intent the following October. Developers said they were not happy with Aim Assist, and that changes were coming. However, it was also suggested that any changes would not be fast and tweaks would happen "over the next couple of years."

So, the fact that an Aim Assist change could be on the cards seems plausible from what devs have said. Season 22 will be a year after changes were first hinted at. The question is, how drastic will changes be?

Catalyst (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Catalyst (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Gun meta has helped mitigate power of Aim Assist

One method devs have used to reduce Aim Assists impact in fights is to change the gun meta. The SMG heavy meta of previous seasons hugely favoured those on controller. Aim Assist was less of a complaint when Shotguns reigned supreme.

This has helped perhaps to even the playing field a little bit, at least while changes are worked on. Clearly, if developers are still looking at Aim Assist, these changes haven't shifted the balance enough.

Are these leaks reliable?

Of course, nothing is ever confirmed until officially released by Respawn. Things are sometimes true when they are leaked, but something happens before they are officially released.

Take District, the rumoured next Apex Legends map. We know District will be the next map. But, it has been pushed back and delayed several times.

So, just because we know devs want to nerf Aim Assist in Apex, doesn't mean that it will happen in Season 22.

Changes may currently be planned for Season 22, and this leak would be correct. If that shifts between now and the release of the next season, then that doesn't mean any changes are totally off the table.

With Aim Assist always a very hot topic amongst Apex players both casual and professional, debate will continue to rumble on. What is not clear from these leaks or any statements so far, is how drastic any potential changes would be.

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