Apex Legends Breakout Battle Pass introduces new reactive R-99 Skins cover image

Apex Legends Breakout Battle Pass introduces new reactive R-99 Skins

The Apex Legends Breakout Battle Pass trailer dropped. Lets dive in and go over all the rewards included in this season’s Battle Pass.

The newest Season of Apex Legends is right around the corner. As always, the new Breakout Battle Pass will give players a range of rewards to work towards over the course of Season 20.

With today's Battle Pass trailer we now have official confirmation of everything on offer, including the new reactive weapon reward. The Breakout Battle Pass features colorful new skins and rewards for players to earn over the course of Season 20.

Apex Legends Breakout Battle Pass Rewards

The Breakout Battle Pass for Season 20 of Apex Legends is vibrant to say the least. With Legend skins for Bangalore, Lifeline, Ash, Crypto and Fuse, these skins all add a great splash of color to the outlands.

Specifically the Legendary Bangalore Sand and Rust skin, which is a nice and fresh take on Bangalore that we haven't seen before. Additionally, Lifeline receives the other Legendary Legend skin in the Breakout Battle Pass, with her Code Blue skin.

Included in the Breakout Battle Pass is of course matching trackers for both these Legends as well as voice lines and even a Holo-Spray. Crypto, Ash and Fuse also receive the same treatment for their Rare/Epic rarity skins. Also included in the Battle Pass rewards are rare skins for the Sentinel, G7, Spitfire, C.A.R. and the Rampage. Not to mention the new skydive emote that always serves as a great reward.

How to Unlock the new Reactive R99 Skin

The max level reward of the Breakout Battle Pass is the new reactive R99 skins, Buzz Kill and Kill Joy. These two skins can be unlocked at levels 100 and 110, as rewards for completing the Battle Pass. Which is unfortunatley easier said than done. Players will need to complete a combination of Daily and Weekly challenges to earn Battle Pass levels. All with the goal of leveling up their Battle Pass and claiming the various rewards.

The new R99 Reactive skins (via <a href="https://twitter.com/HYPERMYSTx/status/1756761449072930989/photo/1">Twitter</a>)
The new R99 Reactive skins (via Twitter)

Although it's an interesting choice from Respawn to give another R99 Reactive skin when we have Season 7's Cutting Edge and Revolutionary skins.

Regardless, the new reactive skins of the Breakout Battle Pass are gorgeous and quite colorful. On top of the colours, the reactive animations are completely different from what previous reactive skins have done. The Buzz Kill and Kill Joy skins have a glitch-like reactive effect, which is shown in the trailer.

So suffice to say, the Apex community is eating well with not only these skins, but with all the updates Season 20 has to offer.

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