Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal Battle Pass rewards breakdown cover image

Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal Battle Pass rewards breakdown

Season 17’s Battle Pass has some phenomenal rewards throughout its 110 levels. Join us as we break down the available rewards!

Season 17 of Apex Legends has finally arrived. The new season, Arsenal, features lots of new changes and Ballistic as a brand-new Legend. Let's break down the rewards in the Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal Battle Pass!

Arsenal Battle Pass rewards

Throughout the 110 levels of the Season 17 Arsenal Battle Pass, there are a lot of rewards. Players can gain levels by earning experience points. Earn these by playing matches and completing daily and weekly quests. Players can earn a variety of rewards that include Legend or weapon skins, skydive emotes, banner frames, weapon charms, and stickers.

Fresh looks with Legend and weapon skins

There are a total of nine skins available, with five of them being for Legends and the remaining four being for weapons. In terms of Legend skins, there are ones for Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wattson, Horizon, and Ballistic. Additionally, there are weapon skins for the Devotion, Wingman, and the reactive skins of the season — the C.A.R. SMG.

The community is torn between loving and hating Wattson's new System Shock skin.

Arsenal Battle Pass emotes for all!

In terms of emotes, there are seven available throughout the Arsenal Battle Pass. Three of them are skydive emotes, while the other four are emotes for Legends. Unsurprisingly, the new Legend of the season gets a skydive emote in their debut season. However, Ballistic actually gets two skydive emotes alongside Rampart who also has one.

In terms of Legend emotes, Respawn has done exceptionally well this season. There are emotes for Revenant, Loba, and Pathfinder, and they are all great. Loba enjoys a nice cup of tea, Fuse gets riled up, and Revenant sharpens his hand and stabs around. The best one by far is Pathfinder's emote. He has a system malfunction and T-poses. So if you end up facing a Pathfinder with this emote, then beware.

Banner frames, charms, holos, and stickers

Arsenal, like previous seasons, has lots of other cosmetic items. There are charms, banner frames, holosprays, quips, trackers, and surprisingly two stickers. All of the items are mercenary-themed, whether that be a remote E.M.P. charm, a titan-filled warzone banner frame, or a mercenary sticker. As per tradition with each season, there are also Nessie-related items. The best one is an homage to the Alien movies with Nessie piloting her very own P-5000 Work Loader.

Suffice to say, this season's Arsenal Battle Pass has tons to offer. Be sure to complete your dailies and weeklies so that you don't miss out on these rewards! For more Apex and esports news, stay tuned to esports.gg.