Solos is BACK!

You heard that right, a solos mode is returning to Apex Legends. For the first six weeks of Apex Season 21, the duos playlist will be replaced with a new Apex solos mode.

This will be a welcome return for one of the most popular LTM's in Apex history. We last saw a solos mode in Apex Legends all the way back in Season 2. Developers had insisted several times that solos mode would never return.

However, the weight of fan demand has convinced Respawn to take a second look at making a solo mode work. They are keen to hear as much player feedback as possible over the six week LTM.

How will the Apex Legends solos mode work?

Unlike the original iteration, the new solos mode won't be a copy paste of the main Battle Royale mode without teammates. Devs still believe that Apex is set up to be a team game, and a raw solos mode wouldn't be enjoyable to play.

  • To balance the amount of landing locations available, games will be 50 players.
  • Guns will be fully kitted, like the Straight Shot LTM.
  • Players will each have one 'Respawn Token', allowing you to die once before being sent to the lobby.
  • Respawn Tokens will work in the first four rounds. After that, they will be converted to evo.
  • There will be a new 'Battle Sense' mechanic. This new HUD indicator will alert you when an enemy is within 50 meters. Devs hope this will help with awareness.
  • Legends will get auto healing, like in Mixtape. This will be for flesh, not shields.

Is the Solos mode permanent?

For now, no. However, developers stressed several times during the Season 21 preview event that they were keen to hear feedback from players about the new Apex Legends solos mode. Like Three Strikes, Apex Legends solos could become a recurring LTM. Or, it could be a permanent mode in the future.

In the meantime, the Apex Legends Solos mode, like all LTM's will have unlockable badges and other associated challenges.

If you enjoy the mode and want to see it stick around, even with some tweaks, be sure to let developers know. This is one of the most requested Apex Legends features of all time, so jump straight in when Season 21 releases.