Another day, another Apex bug.

Apex players are reporting that their Heirlooms and Battle Pass levels appear to be missing following todays Apex Legends update.

Several players have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to report that their Apex Heirloom collection has totally reversed. Heirlooms that players owned seem to be missing, while ones that they don't own are now unlocked.

Additionally, players are finding that their Battle Pass progress has been reset as well as other random unreleased cosmetics appearing in their inventory.

UPDATE: Respawn have issued a tweet saying that the issue is now resolved.

Latest Apex Legends bug sees Heirlooms, skins and Battle Pass levels go missing

This is the latest in a series of Apex Legends bugs in recent weeks. Only two weeks ago, Apex was impacted by a huge lost progress bug with everything from badges to Apex Coins vanishing from players accounts.

That Apex bug was resolved, but now players seem to be facing yet another issue with their items in Apex Legends.

After todays updates, Apex players are finding their Heirlooms have gone missing. However, don't panic. Just like the last bug of this nature this error will be server side. You will NOT lose any of your purchased Heirlooms as a result of this bug.

Players are also reporting that they are being given heirlooms they have not yet unlocked. This of course will also be resolved. Enjoy them while you can!

Likewise for your Battle Pass. Don't worry that your progress seems to have reset, this is very likely a minor error and not cause for alarm.

Hold off buying Apex skins

Although, it is advised at this time to hold off making any new purchases in Apex Legends.

While the Apex missing heirlooms bug is worked on by Respawn, it is safest to not make any purchases if you are impacted. It is reported that the cosmetic will not get added to your account. But, your Shards or Apex Coins will still be consumed.

This isn't verified, but better to be safe than sorry while we wait for a statement from Respawn on the latest error. Don't worry if you have purchased something though. Respawn has been quick to compensate impacted players before.

Perhaps we will all get another eight free packs?

Stay tuned to for more updates on the Apex missing heirlooms bug.