Aurora on brink of LAN spot after just three weeks of Pro League cover image

Aurora on brink of LAN spot after just three weeks of Pro League

They might as well pack their bags already.

Aurora repeated their A vs C success, winning their second Pro League group of the season. Aurora are in blistering form, and seem to be comfortably cruising towards a spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs later in the year.

They were able to secure a comfortable victory, with a sizeable cushion over The Forge in second, all without winning a game. Aurora found consistency, especially in fights, in all of the six games.

Blistering start to Pro League for Aurora

Aurora made a great start to their Pro League campaign, and their great form continued. The opportunity was there for Aurora to reclaim top spot in the overall standings, and they took this chance in full.

Storm Point was pretty kind to Hardecki, Ojrein and 9Impulse. South zones seem to be almost the only possibilities on Storm Point, allowing Aurora to not have to cover too much distance from their chosen drop of Cenote Cave.

Hardecki (Photo EA/Stefan Petrescu)
Hardecki (Photo EA/Stefan Petrescu)

Aurora speeding up their rotations on Worlds Edge

Aurora seemed to already be responding to the potential changes that Season 20 may force on their playstyle. Especially on Worlds Edge, Aurora seemed much more intent on securing power positions.

They by no means rotated quickly, but they successfully used Survey Beacons to establish where teams go and then chose to force their way into zones. Taking a fight wasn't a problem for Aurora, who often chose to target a team's spot and initiated a fight.

This was a different strategy to the Fire Beaver playbook which involved spending significant amounts of time in zone crafting.

Are Aurora qualified for LAN?

Aurora are all but qualified for LAN at this point. They have earned 71 overall points, after just three match days. Somewhere between 80-90 points should secure you a top eight spot, so Aurora are incredibly close to that total.

Now, Aurora will be aiming for the Pro League title and won't be resting on their laurels, but they sit in an incredibly unique position. Season 20 will shake up the ALGS entirely, and teams may be nervous about how much time they have to adapt.

Aurora have four shots at Pro League in Season 20, but will feel the freedom of knowing that their LAN spot is pretty much secured bar an absolute disaster. This might allow Hardecki, Ojrein and 9Impulse more room to experiment and push the limits of the new Legend Upgrade system.

The day's top five:

  • Aurora - 71
  • The Forge - 57
  • ESG - 52
  • Cybercats - 50
  • GoNext - 45

Made in Heaven continue to impress

It was another good showing for Made In Heaven. Taxington, Arctic and Sinetic have been a surprise package in the EMEA Pro League so far.

They backed up their strong performance the last time groups A and C met, finishing sixth. Made In Heaven will feel somewhat disappointed, having lost fifth on a tiebreak and being within touching distance of third.

Catalyst screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Catalyst screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

But, after today's action Made In Heaven sit in ninth, but after only three series played. Just ten points in that 'game in hand' would see them pass several teams and push further into the LAN spots.

For a team which was likely not on many radars heading into the Pro League season, the way Made In Heaven have gelled as a team and are consistently keeping themselves in the LAN conversation is very impressive at this stage of the split.