Mazer moment? Not today!

E8 went huge on Storm Point to steal an ALGS Pro League victory from the hands of 'super team' Falcons. They racked up 42 points in two games and have given their Pro League season a much needed jolt.

LG looked like clear favourites to win, sitting in second and with the final games zone heading directly for their drop spot. However, Sweetdreams found himself decapitated by NRG's Reptar with a Sentinel and LG were forced to give up god spot to reset.

That left E8 and Team Falcons in the eventual final circle to try and grab a victory. Ultimatley, E8's second place helped them pip Falcons to the top spot on the day.

E8 pull off huge comeback

E8 were one of the sides that really needed a big Pro League match day to have any chance of competing for a LAN position. It is probably honest to say most of the ALGS fans watching would not have had E8 on their radar after the days first four games. E8 had yet to even register 20 points, and did not seem set to have the big day they needed.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, E8 proved everyone wrong with two of the best games of their Split so far. E8's off season was chaotic, but it seems like this team has finally got going. Slayr seems to be relishing his fragger role, playing with a certain freedom he was never able to use on LG. His 14 kills today, and 11 assists, means he was the lobbies top fragger overall.

E8 will want to bottle up those two Storm Point games and apply them to the rest of their ALGS Split. This team clearly has potential and firepower, now confidence is added into the mix, could E8 shake up an already very competitive region?

Top five:

  • E8 - 58
  • Team Falcons - 53
  • Complexity - 46
  • LG - 46
  • Moist - 42

iiTzTimmy makes Moist Esports debut

One of the teams most under the spotlight today were Moist Esports and new addition iiTzTimmy. His surprise late swap came as Moist Esports looked to bounce back from a torrid opening to the second split of the ALGS.

Moist Esports and iiTzTimmy got off to a dream start. They took a win in the opening game, with Timmy's skill with a Sentinel a particular highlight. What was also very impressive was Wxtlzy's read of the game. He showed just how strong his understanding is, by setting out how the game would progress and develop to a high degree of accuracy. This foresight and understanding was key to Moist Esports getting into a great spot for the final ring.

However, Moist struggled a little after that. Slipping down the table gradually after their strong start, Moist and iiTzTimmy couldn't quite get the ball rolling. An improved 3rd place in game six helped stabilise their points, moving them up the overall standings slightly.

But, this team formed only late this week and they will no doubt improve week on week. 5th place today has improved their LAN chances but there is still work to do.