The dream story continues.

FaZe Clan have announced the signing of Made In Heaven. FaZe Clan are making this signing ahead of the Esports World Cup this summer, however, they are also an ALGS Partnered Team for ALGS Year 4.

This signing marks a monumental moment for this Made In Heaven roster. The side has been Free Agent for some time, including at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in May. Now, they are heading to Riyadh signed to one of the most iconic teams in esports history.

Who is the new FaZe Clan Apex roster?

You'd be forgiven for not being too familiar with the Made In Heaven team, unless you are a pretty dedicated Apex Legends fan. Their roster is as follows:

  • Otso "Sinetic" Himanen
  • Taylor "arctic" McNeil
  • Ali "Naghz" Naghawi

A dream underdog story continues

Made In Heaven were one of the standout stories during ALGS Split 1. They were absolutely not on anyones radar before the ALGS Split 1 Pro League started. IGL Sinetic hadn't ever competed at the Pro League level before that competition got underway.

They surprised Europe and the world with their fourth place finish in EMEA. This secured their spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs and the Esports World Cup.

At LAN, they also performed valiantly for a first ever in person event. The team competed in Los Angeles without any organisational support, and their coaching staff self funded their way to the event.

Arctic // Photo EA/Joe Brady
Arctic // Photo EA/Joe Brady

Such is the recent rise of this roster, that arctic has only just quit his full time job working in McDonalds to fully focus on Apex Legends. Going from competing in Apex as a side hobby, to competing for FaZe Clan at a $2,000,000 event is a huge rise and a major achievement for the 21-year-old.

New FaZe roster has made a great start to the ALGS Pro League

After the addition of Naghz during the mid season break, this roster has looked even better than they did before. The side has made a blistering start to the ALGS Pro League, and currently sits in first place overall.

They seem to be truly establishing themselves as a top side in EMEA. While some breakthrough rosters suffer from "second season syndrome" after a big split, this does not seem to be impacting this team at all.

Sinetic // Photo EA/Joe Brady
Sinetic // Photo EA/Joe Brady

Sinetic in particular seems to be going from strength to strength. It has been a long time since a new IGL broke through in Europe. But, Sinetic truly seems like he is mixing with stalwarts like Gnaske, Hakis and other top leaders in the region.

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