FNATIC, Legends Gaming, holding leads in APAC regions cover image

FNATIC, Legends Gaming, holding leads in APAC regions

All the APAC action from this weekend.

Week four of ALGS has wrapped up with pretty consistent placements from previous weekends. FNATIC still holds the number one spot in APAC North while Legends Gaming maintains a ten points lead in APAC South. 

If your only ALGS exposure has been through the NA and EMEA regions, then you’re missing out. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here! 

FNATIC still hold the lead in APAC North

FNATIC has continued their reign over APAC North. Over the course of the weekend, the Group C team dropped one win and a couple of consistent top five placements. In fact, FNATIC only dropped below the top ten once.

However, they more than made up for that performance in Game 3. Despite placing second, FNATIC scored an insane 27 points, made up mostly from their 18 kills. In their winning Game 4, FNATIC racked up 12 kills to really top off their point advantage. It seems that FNATIC will be holding the lead spot for APAC North for the foreseeable future.

YukaF (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
YukaF (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

In the Group A vs Group B matches, a few other teams held their own without FNATIC around. Reject Winnity, Knotrope Gaming, and Enter Force.36 all performed extremely well throughout the day. The best team of the three was Reject Winnity, as their consistently high placements gave them a 16 point lead over second place in the day’s overall standings. 

In fact, Reject Winnity, Knotrope Gaming, and Enter Force.36 collectively swept as winners for every match except one. That lone victory was taken by SBI e-Sports, who currently sit at 15th in the overall APAC North standings. 

Surprisingly, Riddle Order had a rough weekend, with the team never cracking the top five teams in any match. However, their lackluster performance still leaves them in third overall for APAC North. That high placement is a testament to their stellar games in previous weekends, so hopefully this weekend was just a lull for the team. 

Reject Winnity chases close behind FNATIC

The top five in the APAC North overall standings looks like this:

  • FNATIC - 97
  • Reject Winnity - 94
  • Riddle Order - 83
  • Kinotrope Gaming - 82
  • Crazy Raccoon - 66

Legends Gaming maintain a ten point lead

This weekend of APAC South saw the rise of the underdogs and the underperformance of the teams on top. Wonton Dumpling did come out on top for their match day, but mostly due to an absolute banger of a first game that saw them kill more than four full teams.

Group A vs. Group B matches were very successful for AGL, who won two back to back games, but are currently placed at 11th in the overall APAC South standings. 

Catalyst screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Catalyst screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Wonton Dumpling began the weekend by dropping a bomb of a game with first place and 13 kills. However, after that rush out of the gate, WD fell down to placements around 8th place for the rest of the day. The team (which has the cutest icon in esports) is still at second place in the overall APAC South standings. Hopefully future ALGS match days will feature less “flash in the pan” moments.

Another team that performed very well in past weekends but fell off this weekend is Legends Gaming. The team still holds first place in the overall standings by a comfortable ten points margin, but this weekend’s overall standings placed them in 13th.

Perhaps the lackluster performances by APAC South’s top teams will allow other teams to play catch up. The last weekend before the regional finals will certainly be intense, as each team is separated by two to four points. This means that qualifying could come down to a few kills.

Wonton Dumpling and Boogie Boarders in close competition

The top five in the APAC South overall standings looks like this:

  • Legends Gaming - 84
  • Wonton Dumpling - 74
  • Boogie Boarders - 73
  • HEROEZ - 70
  • Serenity - 68

Pick rates remain steady... for now

The pick rates for all the Legends have remained consistent with past weeks, so there are no new interesting developments to comment on. However, the giant meta shake up of Season 20 is dropping just before the final weekend before regional finals.

Bangalore remains the most popular pick in all of ALGS (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
Bangalore remains the most popular pick in all of ALGS (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

This means that the next weekend will see potentially massive meta changes for ALGS that are currently completely unpredictable. The final days before the regional finals of Split 1 could be anyone’s game, especially for teams that are only a couple of points away from qualifying, specifically in APAC North.

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