Legacy fragged out of their minds today.

Legacy tore through the final lobby of the North American ALGS Pro League regular season. They were in fierce form, fragging for fun. As a result, the LAN race in North America is still wide open heading into the Regional Finals on Sunday.

Elsewhere, FaZe were relegated from the Pro League failing to find the strong result they needed on the day.

Legacy on an absolute rampage

Legacy have had a solid Pro League split, but have lacked the consistency required to have a LAN spot secured up until now. They underperformed yesterday, earning just three points, but as we've seen so often this split were able to bounce back.

North America has one of the highest quality Pro League's in ALGS history, and that has been evident all split long. From surprise packages to established favourites, several teams have ebbed and flowed in form across the last nine matchdays.

Yanya (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Yanya (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Legacy drop 22 kills in a single game

When Legacy are on form, the kills take care of themselves. Formerly known as Luminosity, Legacy carry a global reputation at being a fearsome fighting team on their day.

Today was undoubtedly their best performance of ALGS Year 4, and they seemed virtually unstoppable in the days fifth game. Legacy racked up a huge 22 kills, over a third of their enemies in the lobby.

The game felt impossible for Legacy to win. They found themselves in a direct 3v3 with Moist Esports, a Bangalore Rolling Thunder falling on their head, and a difficult cross to make.

However, you could feel the confidence flowing through Legacy in the way they approached the fight. Almost the definition of deathball, they simply overwhelmed Moist, benefitting from having Red armours giving them a slight health advantage in the fight.

Legacy up to 7th

This fantastic performance has seen Legacy jump up in the overall standings to 7th. Their spot at LAN might not be mathematically secured, but their fate is certainly in their hands. Avoiding a poor performance in the Regional Finals will see their spot at LAN secured.

Group Stage final day top five:

  • Legacy - 86
  • DarkZero - 67
  • Moist Esports - 56
  • Disguised - 45
  • Eternal EEC - 44

FaZe relegated from Pro League

FaZe Clan were one of the teams facing immense pressure. However, they weren't being looked at from a LAN perspective. Instead, FaZe were battling for their place in the second split of Pro League instead. Even Regional Finals seemed like a tall order.

From contesting Tempr on Storm Point to playing out of Geyser on Worlds Edge, Faze Clan have struggled to really get a foothold in this split. Even with those factors considered, they have still underperformed.

FaZe started the day in 25th, 10 points from safety in 22nd. With several teams around them competing today, a good performance could secure their safety. However, FaZe almost certainly needed their best performance of the split to be sure of escaping relegation.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

On Worlds Edge, it felt like the pressure got to FaZe. They earned just six points in the first three games, only finding two kills. This had them languishing all the way down in 18th. Perhaps even worse was teams like Eternal, Tempr, Meat Lovers and Sentinels all sitting ahead of them.

They failed to recover on Storm Point, failing to reach the top ten in any of the three Storm Point games either. Their 15th place finish on the day sees them relegated from the Pro League.

Things simply have not gone FaZe's way this split, and what happens to this roster moving forward will be a hot topic in the coming days.

ALGS action will return next Sunday, with the Match Point Regional Finals.

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