PassionUA finished on top.

PassionUA reigned supreme over a very intense Pro League lobby in EMEA. They finished ahead of Cybercats by just three points.

Heading into the final game, the competition was wide open. Just 12 points separated the top six, with the top two teams, and then the third and fourth place teams both tied. The final game zone benefitted Cybercats, who could very quickly get a premium position to try and win the game.

They couldn't take advantage, slipping up and losing the strong end game spot they had. Their fumble opened the door for PassionUA, who gladly stepped thorough to take victory.

PassionUA take their shot

It was a very impressive performance by PassionUA, especially in the final game. They called the final zone perfectly in game 6, and took a great position. The small cubby they found themselves in was a hard hold in the short term, but was a fantastic position if they could make it work until the final zone.

With their closest rivals like Cybercats and Gaimin Gladiators dying early, PassionUA just had to keep a steady hand. While they couldn't close out the win in game six, they put enough points on the board to steal top spot from Cybercats.

The 17 points they grabbed was a really impressive total. They needed a lot of points, and some fortune, to take first and they will be delighted to have taken full advantage of the opportunity. Todays win moves them into a really strong spot in the overall standings.

Top Five:

  • PassionUA - 55
  • Cybercats - 52
  • Gaimin Gladiators - 51
  • Atlas - 44
  • GoNext Esports - 41

Cybercats bring Pathfinder back to the ALGS

Pathfinder has been hit and miss in the ALGS since its inception. When Apex first released, Pathfinder was a huge 100% pick rate. This was purely because he was the only Legend that could see the next zone.

Since the introduction of Legend Upgrades in Season 20, Pathfinder can once again scan the next zone. This has opened up a real, but slim, route for Pathfinder into the ALGS. Cybercats have been the first team to really try Pathfinder in the ALGS, and they found a lot of success with him today.

While being able to scan the next zone is useful, so is his Zipline Zen Upgrade too. This reduces the damage that players take when travelling along his Zipline. As Cybercats showed today, this allows you to make short rotates where damage is inevitable, without taking too much damage.

There is also, perhaps, a bit of a perk to being difficult to track. Mouse and Keyboard players can struggle to keep up with players on a zipline. So, with so many players on controller in the ALGS, you can be very very hard to hit from the side.