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Tripods no longer competing together in ALGS

The Tripods are their going separate ways.

The Tripods will no longer compete together in the ALGS it has been announced. Gent, Deeds and NickMercs will go their separate ways after just one of the four challenger circuit events in Split One.

Gent and Deeds, with coach Voltic, will look for a new teammate. However, all three will keep their options open as individuals. It's not clear what NickMercs future is in competitive Apex Legends.

The ALGS Challenger Circuit returns the first weekend of March.

Tripods magic ALGS run comes to an end

The Tripods were a standout story in the ALGS over the last few years. Nickmercs and Deeds defied everyone's expectations in the early days of their competitive career. Initially playing with Lewda, they grinded their way through challenger events.

The passion and dedication was inspirational to ALGS fans. Tripods improved every week, doing enough to qualify for the 2022 ALGS Last Chance qualifiers. They ultimately fell short of ALGS Champs qualification but won the hearts of the Apex community.

The team stuck together, eventually picking up Gent, competing in as many events as possible. Results were not particularly hairraising, but the Tripods kept working hard and making improvements week to week.

This earned them a direct invite to the ALGS Year 3 Pro League, which allowed the Tripods to test themselves against some of the biggest names in Apex esports. They struggled in both splits and were not invited back to the Year 4 Pro League.

The Tripods did try to earn back their Pro League spot, but never found their groove in the Pre Season events. They were denied qualification by a final fight, and now ultimately will not compete in the Pro League together again.

Tripods best results

The Tripods posted some strong results throughout there time together. Here are the highlights sorted by prize earnings:

  • 2nd - Knights Carnage Cup ($3000)
  • 18th - 2022 ALGS Pro League Split 1 ($2000)
  • 22nd - 2023 ALGS Pro League Split 2 ($1500)
  • 3rd - Oversight Season 1 Split 2 - Week 4 ($900)

Why are the Tripods splitting up?

In a video posted to YouTube, Gent explained that the Tripods are no longer playing ALGS due to differing priorities. There is a heavy implication that NickMercs is no longer as interested in competing as he used to be. Nick has a big stream, and does not need to grind another Split of ALGS Challengers if his heart isn't in it.

"Nick has newfound interests and new found passion" says Gent.

Gent in his YouTube video.
Gent in his YouTube video.

The huge changes that Season 20 has brought have huger implications for competitive. Not playing the game and getting prepared for future tournaments simply isn't an option if you want to be successful at the moment.

Gent and Deeds are going to look for a teammate together, but will keep their options open incase they get a Pro League offer. With a good IGL there is no better duo available for the Challenger Circuit, and they are likely to get a lot of interest.