Which legends are favoured by the pros in ALGS?

Since the start of the game, a legends Apex Legends pick rate and a legends ALGS pick rate have often been incredibly different. The way that Apex games play out in ALGS, and in normal and ranked games are totally different.

Additionally, the smallest change to a legend can drastically impact which legends are used. Some legends being picked also impacts if other legends can be used. For example, if there are a lot of teams using Wattson, then other teams will start playing Crypto as a counter.

What were the pick rates like at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles?

All statistics are thanks to Apex Legends Status.

Split 1 Playoffs ALGS pick rates

Here are the ALGS pick rates for the recent ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles. This includes every game from every stage.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady
  • Bangalore - 88.52%
  • Bloodhound - 86.89%
  • Caustic - 57.54%
  • Horizon - 16.89%
  • Wattson - 12.3%
  • Conduit - 8.77%
  • Lifeline - 6.31%
  • Valkyrie - 6.31%
  • Crypto - 4.26%
  • Wraith - 3.77%
  • Rampart - 2.62%
  • Pathfinder - 1.64%
  • Newcastle - 0.98%
  • Catalyst - 0.9%
  • Gibraltar - 0.74%
  • Loba - 0.57%
  • Fuse - 0.33%
  • Revenant - 0.25%
  • Mad Maggie - 0.16%
  • Mirage - 0.16%
  • Octane - 0.08%

Split 1 Playoff Match Point Finals ALGS pick rates

In the finals, the meta became even tighter. A lot of legends were picked either as an experiment, or as a one off joke when a team had already qualified. Some teams also change legends when contested. However, there are also less teams in Finals so it makes sense to see less legends used.

  • Bloodhound - 95.71%
  • Bangalore - 92.14%
  • Caustic - 69.29%
  • Lifeline - 12.14%
  • Wattson - 10%
  • Horizon - 8.57%
  • Conduit - 5.71%
  • Wraith - 5%
  • Crypto - 1.43%

Bloodhound and Bangalore were incredibly popular, with their ALGS pickrates above 90% in finals. It has been a long time since the ALGS had such a dominant duo.

The reason these two legends ALGS pickrates are tied together is because of their synergy around smokes. Bloodhound's Scans and more importantly their Beast of the Hunt Ultimate are very strong counters to a Bangalore Smoke. With the Digital Threat scope being removed from SMG's there is no other way to be able to consistently see through Smokes without a Bloodhound.

Bloodhound is also one of a few legends that are the primary counter to themselves. With Catalyst not really in the meta, the best counter to being scanned is to well... scan back. Then everyone knows where everyone is. This mitigates the informational advantage that Bloodhound gives a team.

Bloodhound (Image via Respawn)
Bloodhound (Image via Respawn)

However, this meta may not be a factor in the second split of the ALGS. The Season 21 update has delivered a few nerfs to Bloodhound that could change their ALGS pick rate.. Their Ultimate Cooldown has been increased to 4 minutes. Additionally, their Tactical Cooldown Legend Upgrade has been removed.

This might do enough to crack Bloodhounds hold on the meta. Of course, the huge Bangalore nerf during Season 20 did almost nothing to her ALGS pick rate.

The question will now be how the meta will shift at the upcoming Split 2 Pro League. Could we see new legend Alter enter the fray? Additionally, we may see more Wattson after Reject Winnity won using her.

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