Are you ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6’s campaign?

Conspiracies. Lies. Truth. All of it gets uncovered in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 campaign. The upcoming story mode has officially gotten a trailer. Many fans are anxious and excited to explore, what looks to be, such a captivating campaign.

Let's break down the new Black Ops 6 trailer.

Uncover the truth in Black Ops 6's latest campaign trailer

While many gamers have been most excited for multiplayer and zombies, quite a few are looking forward to the game's campaign. It is no secret that Call of Duty does an excellent job of creating fictional stories during actual wars in our history.

So when does Black Ops 6's campaign take place? Well, with the trailer showing George Bush at the beginning, talking about the Soviet Union, it is safe to say that Black Ops 6 takes place during the Gulf War era.

So what does the trailer show us?

Breaking down the trailer

It seems like the Black Ops 6 campaign is going to follow an agent who is forced to go rogue. From breaking into CIA agencies to fights within the White House, it looks as if the story follows a man who begins to uncover an entire conspiracy within the United States government.

Has his country turned against him? Or will he discover that everything he had learned was just lies in themselves?

While the trailer doesn't give us an exact definition of what the conspiracy being sought after is, we do know that it includes an intense amount of action. Not only that, but the storyline seems pretty thrilling, with quite a bit of twists and turns.

Xbox's official post on Twitter, though, stated: "Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within."

From this, we can surmise that the main character discovers something he is not supposed to know, leading to an all-out war from within.

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