The May 8, 2024 patch notes are here for both Call of Duty: MW3 and Warzone, delivering a handful of tweaks to the games.

Call of Duty has dished out its May 8 patch notes for both MW3 and Warzone. We'll go over both for you, as you'll see a hefty update for Modern Warfare 3, but just some simple bug fixes for its Warzone battle royale.

Let's take a look.

Call of Duty: MW3 patch notes for May 8, 2024

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Here are the May 8 patch notes for Call of Duty: MW3.



  • Addressed a crash that could occur upon Challenge completion.



  • Bug Fixes
    • Hardcore Quick Play will no longer display an erroneous Free Trial tag.
    • Weekly Challenge countdown timer will no longer display an invalid time as the Midseason update approaches.
    • Fixed overlapping weapon images on the HUD when two Melee weapons are equipped.


  • Max Weapon Level prerequisite for Weapon Prestige Camos is now consistently applied, as intended.
  • Challenges involving Stim usage no longer require at least 50% regain to progress.
  • Players who previously unlocked the Binary Morality Event Camo once again have the ability to equip it.


  • Skidgrow
    • Added collision to prevent players from reaching an exploitable location on the Roof.


  • Escort
    • Resolved an issue causing poor performance and lack of functionality upon joining a match.
    • Lights on the MAW will no longer appear to detach as the match progresses.
    • Implemented various fixes for match timer inconsistencies.
    • Care Package crates are now destroyed upon collision with the MAW.


  • Commando Gloves
    • Reloads are no longer canceled upon moving when the Automatic Tactical Sprint setting is enabled.


  • In Hardcore game modes, the minimap is now displayed on the HUD while an EMD tracking device is active on an enemy.

Ranked Play

  • Restricted the Scratch 20-L Suppressor Attachment.
  • Restricted the EMD Mine Equipment.
  • Restricted the Enhanced Vision Goggles Field Upgrade.



  • When completing the Calling Card Prestige 9 Mastery Challenge, the correct title, “Let ‘Em Have It!” will now be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where splash notifications after completing Armory Unlocks and events appeared blank.


  • Dark Aether Rift
    • All squads can now contribute Zombie kills to the Relic Attunement.
    • Decreased kill requirement to complete Relic Attunement.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the final obelisk being activated earlier than intended, breaking the story sequence. 
  • Fixed a reload inconsistency that occurred after Pack-a-Punch with the JAK Wardens Conversion Kit equipped on the Lockwood Mk2.
  • Fixed a bug where Wonder Weapons appeared as common gray instead of gold rarity in a Dark Aether Rift.
  • Resolved a bug that resulted in players getting stuck in out of map locations after being grabbed by a Mimic.
  • Resolved an issue at Rainmaker's Fortress where Mortar AI incorrectly targeted players with an intact Sergeant's Beret disguise. 


  • Resolved an issue where completing one squad's Attunement prematurely ended another’s.
  • Launcher Camo Challenges for MWII weapons have been adjusted to facilitate completion.

Call of Duty: Warzone patch notes for May 8, 2024

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Here are the May 8 patch notes for Call of Duty: Warzone.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the issue causing automatic tactical sprint to interrupt attempts to reload a weapon.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Prioritize Interact setting on controllers to prevent players from reloading.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the host from starting a Private Match when over the player threshold.
    • Fixed an issue causing Squad members to see the incorrect ping on the Champion’s Quest contract.

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