The transfer merry-go-round is here once again. All 12 CDL teams could make changes this year.

It's that time of the year once again, of the Call of Duty League are looking at roster moves to bring in new talent to their CDL teams.

Nearly all of the teams in the Call of Duty League will be looking to make changes, with several already having pulled the trigger on moving players on from their rosters at the time of writing. Here's the full breakdown of this year's rostermania. This page will be updated regularly with all the latest CDL roster news throughout the summer.

Full list of CDL offseason changes (latest first)

September 1: LA Thieves reveal roster of JoeDeceives, Afro, Ghosty and Cammy

August 31: ROKKR reveal team of Accuracy, Vivid, Owakening and Lyynz.

August 24: Miami Heretics officially join CDL.

August 24: Miami Heretics unveil team of EriKBooM, JurNii, Lucky, Mettalz and Vikul

August 8: Sib joins New York Subliners

August 2: Miami Heretics re-file their trademark, including new branding.

July 30: OpTic sign Pred.

July 30: OpTic sign Kenny.

July 29: Capsidal joins Boston Breach

July 21: Beans becomes restricted Free Agent.

July 20: Drazah signs for FaZe.

July 19: Toronto Ultra sign Envoy.

July 19: SlasheR signs for Boston Breach

July 13: LA Thieves officially say goodbye to Drazah

July 12: LA Thieves officially say goodbye to Envoy

July 10: Snoopy re-signs with Boston Breach

July 5: REPORT: Drazah decides to join Atlanta FaZe over OpTic Texas

July 4: REPORT: Seattle Surge have a prospective move to Vancouver in place. If it goes through, all team operations to move to the Rogers Center.

July 3: Seattle Surge say goodbye to Fenix, Revan, Sib, Pred, Accuracy and Mack.

July 3: Teams can now sign contracts for the 2024 season.

June 28: Subliners release WarDy.

June 27: Octane retires.

June 27: Gwinn is now an unrestricted free agent.

June 26: Beans and Kremp extend with Boston Breach

June 26: FaZe re-sign Cellium, Simp and aBeZy

June 26: Asim becomes a free agent.

June 26: Nastie becomes free agent.

June 26: SlasheR is an unrestricted free agent.

June 26: LA Guerrillas make Exceed, JoeDeceives and Assault unrestricted free agents.

June 26: Standy announces that he is an unrestricted free agent.

June 26: Mutineers release Brack, Capsidal, FeLo, Havok, Willet (c) and Cheek (a).

June 26: OpTic release Ghosty and Huke.

June 26: Toronto Ultra release Hicksy.

June 26: REPORT: NYSL offer to extend KiSMET's contract.

June 26: Boston Breach release Owakening.

June 25: ROKKR release Fame, Attach, Afro, Cammy and Bance to free agency.

June 22: Clayster announces free agency.

List of free agent players

Here's a list of all of the players who have announced their free agency for the 2024 CDL season. Unrestricted free agents are free to discuss deals with any other team. Restricted free agents require buyouts.


  • Clayster (Legion)
  • Fame (ROKKR)
  • Attach (ROKKR)
  • Afro (ROKKR)
  • Bance (ROKKR)
  • Cammy (ROKKR)
  • Owakening (Breach)
  • Ghosty (OpTic)
  • Huke (OpTic)
  • Hicksy (Ultra)
  • Brack (Mutineers)
  • FeLo (Mutineers)
  • Capsidal (Mutineers)
  • Havok (Mutineers)
  • Asim (Ravens)
  • Nastie (Ravens)
  • Temp (Legion)
  • TJHaLy (Lgeion)
  • Standy (Legion)
  • Uli (Ravens)
  • Skrapz (Ravens)
  • Gwinn (Surge)
  • Pred (Surge)
  • Accuracy (Surge)
  • Mack (Surge)
  • Sib (Surge)
  • Nero (Breach)
  • Vivid (Breach)
  • JoeDeceives (Guerrillas)
  • Exceed (Guerrillas)
  • Assault (Guerrillas)
  • Wardy (Subliners)
  • Kenny (Thieves)


No players have announced that they are restricted free agents at the time of writing.


  • Octane

Sam "Octane" Larew is currently the only player to announce retirement in the 2023/24 offseason. Octane called it a day after eight years competing and 10 tournament wins.

Octane is a world champion and one of the highest caliber players in Call of Duty history. His presence in the league will be thoroughly missed.

Current CDL rosters

Here are the 12 current CDL roster for the 2024 season as things stand. As with the rest of this article, these will be updated as new things are announced and reported. CDL roster moves can happen at any time so be sure to check back.

Players included initially are those who had contracts that run across from year-to-year.

Atlanta FaZe

  • Cellium
  • Simp
  • aBeZy
  • Drazah

Boston Breach

  • Snoopy
  • SlasheR
  • Priestahh
  • Capsidal
JurNii is one of the players supposedly part of the Heretics CDL roster moves.
JurNii is one of the players supposedly part of the Heretics CDL roster moves.

"Miami Heretics"

Reported that Heretics and Misfits Gaming are merging to field Miami Heretics team in 2024.

  • Vikul
  • EriKBooM
  • JurNii
  • Lucky
  • Mettalz

London Royal Ravens

"LA Guerrillas"

LAG could be moving away from the name and branding of the team. It is reported that their spot is for sale.

  • Arcitys
  • Spart (substitute)

Minnesota ROKKR

OpTic Texas

  • Dashy
  • Shotzzy
  • Pred
  • Kenny

LA Thieves

New York Subliners

  • HyDra
  • Skyz
  • KiSMET

Seattle Surge

Vegas Legion

Toronto Ultra

Scrappy, CleanX and Insight were all on 2+1 contracts at the start of 2023, but it is has been reported that Ultra are looking at moving on both Insight and CleanX.

  • Scrappy
  • CleanX
  • Insight
  • Envoy

That's all you need to know about this summer's CDL rostermania. Be sure to stay updated with this page for all of the latest news in the CDL.

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