The CCL is back for season five. The action starts on Jan. 28.

This year's collegiate Call of Duty (CoD) season is almost upon us. Back for its fifth season, the 2023 College CoD league is ready to give fans more coverage and better insight than ever.

The Collegiate Call of Duty League (CCL) announced the full schedule for the new season already, which will start on the last weekend of January. CCL will host this season across two qualifiers, six weeks of league play, and playoffs.

Following a successful Launch Open tournament at the start of Modern Warfare 2, the teams are excited to be back for more.

2023 CCL format

The 2023 CCL season will be split into four regions. West, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast are the four regions that will be taking part in CCL this year. These teams will be seeded into three divisions based on placements in the pre-season qualifier tournaments.

The 12 best teams will be Division 1. The next 12 teams in each region will be Division 2. Any teams that fail to qualify for Division 1 and Division 2 will be in an Open Division.

Each division will run for six weeks of League Play before moving on to Last Chance Qualifiers and the Regional Playoffs.

Each school is permitted to field one main team and one academy team. Academy teams have their own version of the league that is played alongside the main league. The biggest change with academies is that their matches are at the same time as the main league this season.

The only difference in that is that the Academy Playoffs will be played out during the Easter break before the Regional Playoffs of the main league.

College CoD schedule

The first of the two qualifying tournaments takes place between Jan. 28 and 29. It will decide the teams that will take part in Division 1 of this season's CCL.

The second qualifier will take place two weeks later, with League Play starting the day after the final qualifier.

Full dates:

  • Qualifier 1: Jan. 28-29
  • Qualifier 2: Feb. 11-12
  • League Play Regular Season: Feb. 13-March 26
  • Last Chance Qualifier: April 3-4
  • Regional Playoffs: April 22-23
  • LAN Qualifier: April 29-30
  • LAN: TBD
Championship LAN graphic (Image via College CoD)
Championship LAN graphic (Image via College CoD)

College CoD match schedule

The CCL will broadcast three matches every Monday and Tuesday. The schedule will run from 4:30 p.m. PT to 9 a.m. PT on both nights.

The first two slots will have matches from the Northeast and Southeast regions. The last two will have matches from the West region. The final slot on a Monday and first on a Tuesday will be wildcard slots. Matches from other regions will fill those spots.

Broadcasts for the two qualifiers are not confirmed yet as the CCL are still in discussions with Activision as to what can go ahead in terms of streaming.

Anybody with questions ahead of the new College CoD season can get in touch with the team below:

  • For any questions about eligibility, reach out to jbyrd#4818 on Discord.
  • Any questions about format, reach out to Heat#2129 on Discord.
  • For any other general questions, reach out to sonofpaint#0117 on Discord.
The 2022 College CoD Playoffs had a $25,000 prize pool (Image via College CoD)
The 2022 College CoD Playoffs had a $25,000 prize pool (Image via College CoD)

The prize pool for the 2023 season of College CoD is not announced yet. However, this season promises to be the biggest and best since the league was born.