MW2 saw the removal of the Shipment 24/7 playlist in favor of a Shoot House playlist to the displeasure of its most loyal players.

The addition of Shipment to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was one of the most anticipated map remakes of all time. Everyone loves the option to run around the small map and wreak havoc. A Shipment 24/7 playlist made constant chaos possible. Now, the Shipment playlist is gone from MW2 and players are not happy.

Shipment 24/7 replaced by Shoot House playlist

The main menu of MW2 shows no Shipment 24/7 playlist in sight (Image via
The main menu of MW2 shows no Shipment 24/7 playlist in sight (Image via

Shoot House arrived in MW2 prior to Shipment. It is a small map, though just a bit larger than the latter. Call of Duty players enjoy their smaller maps, so its inclusion to MW2 was more than welcome. That was until it took the spot of the Shipment 24/7 playlist on Jan. 11.

With the Shipment exclusive playlist now gone, fans couldn't care less about Shoot House. Thankfully, the tight confines of the shipping barge aren't completely missing from the game, but there is no current way to only play that map without launching private match after private match.

Reactions to the MW2 playlist update

There are quite a few MW2 players who dedicate their time to the game on Shipment 24/7 and Shipment 24/7 only. Needless to say, the update that once again gave Shoot House its own playlist, this time in favor of Shipment, was not met with uproarious applause.

If you spend time on Twitter and follow any amount of Call of Duty players, you'll see them voicing their opinions on the fact that Shipment 24/7 is gone.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. One user shared the image of Ghost that became a widespread meme.

Camo grinders are also among the outspoken group of MW2 faithful unhappy with Shipment 24/7 being gone.

Then there are those with common sense takes, questioning why there aren't just a ton of smaller maps in MW2. Players have proven their adoration for smaller battlefields and its a wonder why Call of Duty doesn't have a playlist filled with close-quarter locations.

Of course, there can only be so much content in a game at any given time. The developers probably had to make a tough choice regarding the playlist update. Its just unfortunate that the choice they did make is the one that ended up disappointing those who purchased their product.

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