The CoD Groups expands upon the tide and true Clans of previous titles, but brings much more to the table. And here’s what we know so far.

Call of Duty is known as one of the premier multiplayer franchises of the decade, synonymous with playing in a group of friends. Previously, players would either have pre-made squads or be a part of a clan to play with others. Now with Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Groups have been introduced, which combines the features of clans and Friend lists into one neat and tidy package. Groups expand upon the clans system of previous games, but brings added functionality and ease of use.

What's new? Here's what we know so far.

What are Groups in CoD MWII?

According to the Season 1.5 Reloaded blog post, Groups allows you to find or create communities of fellow players. The new social feature has a max occupancy of 5,000 members, leaving room for your Group to thrive and flourish. Players can join up to five different Groups, allowing players to be involved in a variety of communities.

CoD Groups social menu
CoD Groups social menu

The CoD Groups feature replaces Call of Duty's original Clans. But rather than replacing Clans all together, Groups build off what it did so well. Alongside the massive member count, there are myriad different labels that can be associated with a Group. The labels are a combination of Call of Duty-based, Community-based or Vibe-based. Some of the labels include:

  • Call of Duty based: DMZ, Battle Royale, Veteran's Only, New Player Friendly
  • Community based: Competitive, Daily activities, Night-time players
  • Vibe based: Movies & Shows, Sports, Anime

Although each CoD Group is unique and customizable, each are defined by its main language and privacy settings. There's also Group-specific chats logs available if you're into that kind of thing.

The Groups feature not only expands but improves upon Call of Duty's OG community system. Groups is the next stage of evolution for Call of Duty and its community options, but will it last? We'll have to see how the community feels about the changes or if they miss the old Clans system and want a return to sender.

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