That’s right. Hans Zimmer is making CoD Mobile music.

Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD Mobile) has officially announced its collaboration with Oscar and Grammy-winner Hans Zimmer! Read on for all of the CoD Mobile x Hans Zimmer details. We also go over some CoD Mobile Season 4 leaks.

Call of Duty: Mobile x Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer has added CoD Mobile music to his legendary resume. The German music producer and film score composer is known for his work in The Lion King, Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, and so much more.

CoD Mobile Hans Zimmer collaboration

According to Activision, the CoD Mobile x Hans Zimmer collaboration features an epic track that's related to the Eternal Honor Mythic Drop coming to CoD Mobile Season 4. Ahead of the season's release date, Activision also uploaded this track on YouTube for all to have a listen.

CoD Mobile leaks MG42 LMG

In terms of what else to expect in CoD Mobile's near future, user JC_RoseThorn posted footage and screenshots of the MG42 weapon. Meanwhile, Leakers on Duty noted the MG42's rate of fire and how it can suppress opponents at medium range. Leakers on Duty stated that the LMG will be of the Mythic rarity as well.

CoD Mobile Season 4 leaks

As for other leaks, the Leakers on Duty social media account posted an image of a map and noted that it's related to CoD Mobile Season 4. "The map shows the Atlantic Ocean along with North America, South America, Europe and Africa," the post added. "Primarily where World War 2 was fought."

CoD Mobile Season 4 teaser image (Image via Leakers on Duty)
CoD Mobile Season 4 teaser image (Image via Leakers on Duty)

Some of the images that JC_RoseThorn posted also refer to World War 2. For example, in Chinese, the text in the image below mentions World War 2, a soundtrack, and Pearl Harbor.

CoD Mobile Season 4 leak (Image via JC_RoseThorn)
CoD Mobile Season 4 leak (Image via JC_RoseThorn)

Meanwhile, the official CoD Mobile social media page revealed Dropkick as a new multiplayer mode for Season 4. "The team who secures the briefcase the longest wins the game," the post stated.

That's all for now. Are you ready for the next season of CoD Mobile? Stick around on for more news and updates.

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