Week seven of the MAAC Esports leagues for Smash and Overwatch 2 is here. Check out the schedule and upcoming matches.

WE HAVE MADE IT. Week seven marks the end of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) Esports Spring regular seasons of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Overwatch 2. It has been a long and hard fought battle up to this point and there are still plenty of matches that can shift the seedings up before the final LAN event in Atlantic City. After this week of play standings and seeding will be finalized! Brackets will be made and teams will know who they should be looking out for before they get to Atlantic City.

It is a close race in the standings for many of the teams. One more push is all that's needed. Let's take a look at the MAAC Esports week seven matchups that will be highlighted on the official stream. Also take a look at other matches that you’ll want to watch out for throughout this action-packed week.

Streamed MAAC Esports week seven match of the week

Mount St. Mary's University versus Marist College (OW2) Feb. 28, 9:30 p.m. EST*

THE BATTLE FOR FIRST. Both teams arrive in the final week UNDEFEATED as Mount St. Mary's (8-0) and Marist (8-0) meet for the first time in Overwatch 2. Luckily for both teams a loss will only put them down to second place. Right now Mount St. Mary's heads the tie for first with only two maps dropped throughout the season while Marist has dropped three maps in total.

The first seed is guaranteed to start tournament play against Niagara University in Atlantic City while second seed looks to either have Canisius College or Rider University up on the plate. With such dominant performances so far this season from both schools this match is going to be a shoot out. Make sure to tune into the official stream to find out who will place themselves in first at the end of the night!

MAAC Esports week seven honorable mentions

Mount St. Mary's versus Fairfield University (SSBU) Feb. 27, 7 p.m. EST*

These two teams have struggled so far this Spring with Mount St. Mary's only having two wins and Fairfield with three wins heading into the last week of Spring regular season competition. However, the Fall standings play a crucial role in seeding as both the Fall and Spring MAAC Esports standings combine heading into Atlantic City.

Fairfield (8-9) sits above Mount St. Mary's (7-10) in the overall by one game. If Mount St. Mary's is able to win this matchup again like they did in the Fall then they would be able to leap over Fairfield in the final standings. This win for Mount could put them all the way to the five seed compared to a potential eight seed with a loss against Fairfield this week. With a Fairfield win that would secure Fairfield that five seed heading into the MAAC Esports LAN.

Manhattan College versus Iona University (SSBU) Feb. 27, 7 p.m. EST*

Manhattan College (5-1) looks to take on Iona University (4-4) and secure top 3 for both the Spring season and the final standings. Due to reschedules, Manhattan still has two more matches to play out this week that would secure at least the third seed heading into the LAN. If Siena lose out then Manhattan has a chance to overtake them for second seed in both Spring and final standings.

However, Iona is looking to stop any thoughts about second place for Manhattan and with a win would be securing top five for the Spring and a potential look at sixth place in the final standings. To secure that sixth place seed Iona will need a win against Manhattan and Mount St. Mary's and Canisius to lose out. A lot at stake with this final week of regular season at play. Who is going to come out on top?

Quinnipiac University versus Fairfield University (OW2) Feb. 28, 7 p.m. EST*

While a battle for first is taking place on the official MAAC Esports stream. The battle for 4th will be taking place against Quinnipiac University (5-3) and Fairfield University (5-3). Both teams currently sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack have to brawl it out to see who gets the higher seed going into the LAN in Atlantic City.

No matter the result, both teams know that they will be either facing off against Manhattan or Siena in the first round of the LAN depending on results of the Manhattan versus Siena match this week. Quinnipiac and Fairfield have already taken series against both schools and should feel comfortable heading into Atlantic City. However, this match on Wednesday is for bragging rights and a possibility of a better bracket side. Keep your eyes out as both of these teams will be looking to make noise on LAN.

Siena College versus Manhattan College (OW2) Feb. 28, 7 p.m. EST*

A battle for 6th is up for grabs as well this week with the match between Siena College (3-5) and Manhattan College (3-5). As mentioned above, these teams know they will be either facing Quinnipiac or Fairfield in the first round of the tournament. However, the higher seed may get a better side of the bracket depending on how tonight's featured broadcast match plays out. All three wins for both teams come against Niagara, Rider, and Canisius. A win not only would help set them apart from their counterpart but also give them that higher seed advantage heading into Atlantic City

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*Match times are subject to change.