Take notes from one of the best CS2 players out there.

Team Spirit's superstar Danil "donk" Kryshkovets has quickly become one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world after the switch from CS:GO to CS2 in 2023, and part of that is due to his practice routine.

Though donk is obviously a generational talent, he also put over 14,000 hours into CS:GO and CS2, according to his Steam profile. If you want to try getting as good as donk in CS2, here's what the 17-year-old does almost every day.

How donk practices in CS2

"Basically I wake up, go to eat, and have training sessions with my team," donk said in an interview with esports.gg on May 12. "After that we have theory sessions as we're trying to improve our tactics and strats. After the team practice is done I can play for myself and I play up to seven games a day excluding team practice. If I believe that I need to do more, I go and play some more."

Donk shares his practice routine as professional CS2 player

Shockingly, donk doesn't play a lot of deathmatch, a game mode that many professionals and casuals play to sharpen their aim or warm up before matches. Donk only plays DM when he feels the need for it after his usual practice routine in CS2. The superstar said in the past that DM offers too much "unrealistic" aim duels and scenarios.

Donk put in a lot of practice in CS:GO and CS2 to become one of the best (Photo by Adam Lakomy via ESL Gaming)
Donk put in a lot of practice in CS:GO and CS2 to become one of the best (Photo by Adam Lakomy via ESL Gaming)

While many CS2 fans think donk is the best player in the world at the moment, the Spirit youngster prefers not to think about it and leave it for other people to decide it.

"Right now I can't consider myself the best player in CS2 and I believe everyone will know who is the best player at the end of the year," donk told esports.gg. "We have a lot of tournaments coming up and it's up to others to decide who is the best player, not me."

Donk and Spirit are due to play an official match once again after a nearly two-month hiatus from tournaments. They'll play their first match in the $500,000 LAN BetBoom Dacha Belgrade on Wednesday, May 15 against Aurora. The event also features MOUZ, Virtus.pro, Falcons, HEROIC, MIBR, and BetBoom's own team.

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