The very last titan of Counter-Strike to fall.

The RMR for the CS2 Copenhagen Major is brutal, and Counter-Strike legend Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen is the event’s latest victim. Preasy Esport has officially bowed out of contention at the RMR after a 1-3 performance, ultimately losing the final best-of-three to Guild Eagles. The unexpected loss is an extreme disappointment to fans, and it also spells the end of Counter-Strike’s longest Major attendance streak.

Preasy entered the Copenhagen Major European RMR B as a contender largely thanks to the recent acquisition of dupreeh in Dec. 2023. Though B is the more competitive half of the event, Preasy was still expected to claw out a finish in the top half.

Rough bracket luck resulted in consecutive best-of-ones against Heroic and OG, two other top contenders. Preasy put up 9 rounds in each game but was unable to close them out. It finally got a reprieve with a solid 2-1 over Pera ending with a 13-1 performance on Nuke. However, Guild Eagles was simply too much for the Danish stack. The series was a competitive 1-2 for Preasy, ending dupreeh’s hopes of attending the Copenhagen Major.

Dupreeh ends Major attendance streak, will not compete at Copenhagen Major

Preasy Esport’s loss is also the loss of one of Counter-Strike’s greatest achievements, as dupreeh will no longer hold the distinct honor of competing in every Valve-funded Counter-Strike Major.

dupreeh attended every single Major in Global Offensive history from DreamHack Winter 2013 to the 2023 BLAST Paris Major. He holds the record for the most Major championships as well at five. He secured most of those trophies with Astralis and one final championship with Vitality.

dupreeh won the final CSGO major at the 2023 BLAST Paris Major (Image via ESL)
dupreeh won the final CSGO major at the 2023 BLAST Paris Major (Image via ESL)

There were technically “Majors” before the launch of Global Offensive, but Valve did not officially sponsor them. dupreeh’s first Major was technically DreamHack Winter 2012 with 3DMAX. Despite breaking his streak, dupreeh still holds the record for the most Counter-Strike Majors attended at 19. He will likely hold that record for quite some time.

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