First snippet of revamped Cache shared by CS2 map creator FMPONE cover image

First snippet of revamped Cache shared by CS2 map creator FMPONE

It’s about time!

Cache has been teetering on the brink of its triumphant return for what seems like years. But, now we’ve got our first sneak peek of what’s in store for Cache’s CS2 fans.

While it’s only a few images, we get a solid idea of what's to come. The grass-covered, nuclear theme still envelops the map (from what we can see) —but with a Source 2 visual upgrade.

What’s new in Cache in CS2?

Cache’s creator FMPONE shared two images of the middle area in CS2’s Cache. Several elements have changed, but things like the exterior of the Warehouse and Window keep their metallic framework. 

Bricks now support the buildings instead of the classic tin-like bodies that previously separated mid from the B site. This also includes the Vent and Sandbags area. Now, with the added bonus of AK-47 sporting statues that potentially add an element of cover—probably not much though.

While it may be the angle of the photos, the Z area appears to have raised the window. Whether this means players can no longer climb up the top to watch mid is yet to be determined. However, it might become the perfect place for flashbang lineups into the middle area.

Where’s the white box?

(Image via FMPONE)
(Image via FMPONE)

The white box is seemingly missing from the highway area in middle. Typically, it sits right below the shutter. Keep in mind, that this is only a snippet of what’s to come in CS2’s Cache revamp. 

Whether it makes its way back into the Source 2 Cache will hopefully be revealed later with more images from FMPONE. But it already seems professional players like ropz are ready for it to take Vertigo out of the map pool.

Unfortunately, with the Warehouse area being blocked out, that’s all we’ll be able to pick apart. We’ll just have to keep an eye on any more Cache-related FMPONE posts in the future.

Where has Cache been?

Cache hasn’t been in the Counter-Strike map pool since the IEM Katowice Major in 2019, ultimately replaced by Vertigo.  

The eventual Cache rework for CS2 has been in the works for quite some time. In April 2023, FMPONE revealed it’d be making its way into the Source 2 update. Since then, we’ve all been awaiting its return.

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