Sdy returns to Monte for EU RMR cover image

Sdy returns to Monte for EU RMR

Will Monte qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major?

Viktor "⁠sdy⁠" Orudzhev has returned to the active lineup for Team Monte mid-way through the ongoing RMR. The 26-year-old Ukrainian player will join the team as they attempt to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major through the RMR events. 

Sdy returns to Monte - Can he help them qualify?

Monte have had to play with a stand-in on the roster after Sdy’s illness. The European RMR event started on February 19 and will continue for a couple more days. It is one of the best opportunities for teams to secure their slot at the upcoming PGL Copenhagen Major.

Monte have not had much success in the RMR with or without Sdy, the team is 1-2 at the time of writing. The team started off with a loss to Ecstatic on Anubis. They brought back their result to a 1-1 with a win over Nexus Gaming. With Sdy, they faced off against Apeks on Anubis. However, despite the young Ukrainian top-scoring for the roster, they still lost 5-13.

"I think sdy brings a lot to the team, a bunch of stability and support with how he plays," stand-in Gizmy told HLTV. "it's hard to replace him, they're missing out on a lot, but I'm trying to live up to all of the good things he does." 

The team now faces elimination unless they win two more matches. However, with a 1-2 score, there is no room for error for the roster.

Sdy joined Team Monte in January last year, a move that filled several gaps in the lineup. The team has had a mixed set of results throughout the year with some strong regional performances and significant inroads in international events as well. Earlier this year, Monte finished in the 9-12th slot for the IEM Katowice 2024, losing to G2 esports.

The PGL Copenhagen Major will take place next month. It starts on March 17 and will continue for 15 days closing out the month. It is the first Counter-Strike 2 Major and will be an opportunity for teams to cement their name in history. As for fans, it will be a celebration of the game they love, albeit in a new avatar.