Maybe those rumored shoe skins will become a reality.

CS2 development is still in full swing since its official release in 2023, but Valve still has the next skin case after Kilowatt under wraps. The first CS2-exclusive collection expanded the field of skins with a cosmetic for the Zeus, leaving fans wondering what the developer will cook up next. 

While Valve hasn’t released any official information about the next skin case, previous release patterns and the next Major may give some hints.

Next CS2 skin case likely scheduled for the summer

Based on the timing of the Kilowatt Case and the Shanghai Major, we predict that the next CS2 skin case will drop sometime in the summer of 2024.

First, the release of CS2 majorly disrupted the normal case release pattern. The gap between the Recoil Case and Kilowatt Case was just three days shy of a full year. That was the longest gap in case release history. Valve likely redirected resources towards creating CS2, which is understandable. But now that the game is out, the company has already shown signs of shifting back to skins.

The skins in the Kilowatt Case took full advantage of the new Source 2 engine (Image via Valve)
The skins in the Kilowatt Case took full advantage of the new Source 2 engine (Image via Valve)

Assuming Valve resumes the original case release schedule of once every three months, the next case should come out sometime in May of this year. If the average wait time of 93 days pans out, it should come out on April 29 just a couple of weeks away. However, that date is unlikely considering the current state of the game. Most serious players would prefer a major anti-cheat update to a new set of flashy pixels.

The Shanghai Major may be the final piece of the puzzle. The second CS2 Major is scheduled to take place in December 2024. Valve tries to space out content updates, which could mean a hard deadline for the next CS2 skin case in November at the latest. Overall, we predict a release sometime in summer around June. As for the skins, most of the inclusions are likely already on the Steam Workshop just waiting for fans to notice them.

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