Counter-Strike 2 officially announced, release date, trailers, and beta opened cover image

Counter-Strike 2 officially announced, release date, trailers, and beta opened


Weeks of speculation and teasing are finally over as Counter-Strike 2 has been unveiled by Valve with a series of trailers.

Counter-Strike 2 has officially been revealed after weeks of reports, rumors, and teasing from Valve. The new game was officially unveiled on March 22, with a series of posts on social media, a transformed Twitter account, and a new website.

Alongside these announcements were a trio of trailers detailing new features, including enhanced smokes, improved tick rates, and upgraded maps. A tentative release date was also unveiled by Valve unofficial spokesman Wykrym Reddy. In a post on his Twitter, he posted a graphic stating Counter-Strike 2 was “Coming summer 2023.” 

On the website this was confirmed: “Counter-Strike 2 arrives this summer as a free upgrade to CS:GO. So build your loadout, hone your skills, and prepare yourself for what’s next!”

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta

On top of this, a Limited beta was also announced, with details posted on the brand-new CS2 website. Following through to the FAQ, limited numbers of players will gain access to the Beta from the CS:GO main menu. From there they'll be able to gain access to Counter-Strike 2.

Those lucky enough to get into the Beta will be able to experience the enhanced smokes, tick rate changes, overhauled maps, upgraded item models (which all carry over from CS:GO), enhanced visuals, and audio upgrades.

Overall, this is the confirmation that players have been waiting for, and makes up for all the baits and teases over the past weeks. See you in Counter-Strike 2!

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Michael Hassall
Michael Hassall
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