The most expensive CS2 gun skin could soon be this blue gem AK cover image

The most expensive CS2 gun skin could soon be this blue gem AK

A massive bomb just dropped on the CS2 skin scene with a new blue gem AK that could be the most expensive CS2 gun skin to date. Is it worth it?

Every CS2 player dreams of having an ultra-rare skin that nobody knows about tucked away in their inventory. After all, why not? It's the gamer equivalent of finding a winning lottery ticket in an old coat. In the case of the blue gem AK, that’s exactly what's happened. On Jan. 15, 2024, the shock reveal of the potentially most expensive CS2 gun skin in the entire game rocked the game's skin community.

Here’s what we know about the mysterious reveal and how much we think it’ll sell for.

Found a blue gem AK, I gotta say it was a good day

The mysterious owner--who has yet to publicly reveal himself--unveiled the skin by registering it on Buff.163. Many of the biggest open skin deals in history happened on the Chinese trading platform. Almost immediately, screenshots of the skin quickly went viral despite the lack of information.

The skin is a StatTrak™ AK-47 | Case Hardened pattern 661 with a float value of 0.04827. It has the absolute best blue gem pattern for the AK as well as the lowest float, making it the only Factory New example in the world. Four StatTrak™ Minimal Wear 661s are known to exist with one being trade-banned. There are only five non-StatTrak™ 661s cleaner than the new reveal, according to Float.db.

While the skin is now on Buff.163, it's not up for sale yet. In fact, it's not clear if this skin has existed for many years or if it was just crafted a few days ago. The owner has yet to give his intent for the skin.

However, it will likely go up for sale soon.

Blue gem AK = Most expensive CS2 skin?

The new #1 AK blue gem may be the most expensive ever (Image via Valve/Buff.163)
The new #1 AK blue gem may be the most expensive ever (Image via Valve/Buff.163)

If the gun goes up for sale, it's will go for a price upward of $1 million. This makes it by far the most expensive gun skin in CS2 history. Based on the price of recent skin price deals and the valuation of similar skins, it all points towards an upward trajectory.

Blue gem deals exploded around the release of CS2, including a combo deal of an AK and a Karambit went for $780,000 USD in a face-to-face deal. This is just a single skin with no stickers. But that deal shows that six figures are already on the table.

This blue gem AK skin stands alone as the pinnacle of gun skins. A perfect blue gem Karambit with a similar float of 0.04808 is currently valued at around $1.5 million, setting precedent. Knives will almost always be worth more than guns, but that valuation gives us an idea of how much the blue gem AK owner can ask and still get serious offers.

This is a chance for traders to claim the absolute greatest skin in the game. They won’t let it go to waste.

The gun will most likely go up for auction sometime in early 2024 and hit a price of $1.1 million. The lowest possible selling price would be around $800,000 with the highest being around $2 million.

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