NAVI survives Grim challenge to qualify for BLAST Washington cover image

NAVI survives Grim challenge to qualify for BLAST Washington


Meanwhile, Complexity will have another chance via the Spring Showdown.

After a very close series in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, NAVI has secured its invitation to Washington, D.C. The CIS squad defeated NIP in three maps, two of which went the distance of 30 rounds. The Ninjas in Pyjamas, on the other hand, will have to compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.
The BLAST Premier Spring Groups was the first CS:GO tournament of the year, and for NAVI fans, this was just a warm-up for the upcoming IEM Katowice in Poland.

Complexity: Almost but not enough

The series started out with Anubis, the latest map to join CS:GO map pool. NAVI had an early lead, but Complexity took a one-round lead on their T-side partly due to some excellent clutch performances by individual players. 
Complexity won the first few rounds of the second half. But NAVI clawed back the score to tie it at 14-14 and eventually won the last two rounds to secure the map. For Complexity fans, Anubis was a map they could’ve easily won, and this loss definitely was a disappointment. Anubis was Complexity’s map of choice.
The second map, Inferno, was much more familiar grounds for the North American org. An 8-7 lead yet again on their CT side, but this time Michael 'Grim' Wince and co. were in complete control on their T-side. The 22-year-old had a dominant performance ending the map with 30 kills to his name. A strong showing on the T-side meant Complexity was able to close out Inferno with a 16-11 score.
Perhaps the map that will sting the most is Overpass. Overpass is a CT-sided map, so when Complexity had the opportunity to start on the defense, they naturally had an advantage. They capitalized on it to secure a 9-5 lead before losing the final round of the half. A 9-6 lead, however, is still enough to do some damage, especially when the team wins the first pistol of the second half.
There were valiant efforts by Ricky "floppy" Kemery and grim to try to step up on the second half. But it was not enough as the NAVI players seemed to have found their stride gun round onwards. Ultimately, Complexity lost the map 14-16 and the series 1-2.

NAVI qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Finals

Grim had a fantastic performance against NAVI. Unfortunately, it was not enough. (Image Credit: BLAST Premier)
Grim had a fantastic performance against NAVI. Unfortunately, it was not enough. (Image Credit: BLAST Premier)
NAVI has become the first team to qualify for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. BLAST recently announced its return to North America with BLAST Premier Washington. The tournament will take place at the Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, D.C. with a $450,000 prize pool. Eight of the best CS:GO teams will be participating, competing for a spot at the BLAST Premier World Finals later this year.
Complexity is not yet out of contention, but their loss to NAVI means they have to take the longer route to the Spring Finals. Complexity will next compete at the BLAST Premier Spring American Showdown that kicks off on April 12.

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