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The hardest maps to retake in CS:GO


What are the hardest CS:GO maps to retake? According to Leetify, Inferno is closed for business and Nuke is the easiest.

Recently, Leetify released a study that showed which maps were the hardest to retake in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The portal pointed out that Inferno has the two bombsites with the lowest percentage of successful retakes.

CS:GO map retake data

On the other hand, Nuke's B site holds the highest number and is the easier one to retake while playing as CT. With those numbers in mind, we decided to explain a little bit about why those maps have the hardest and easiest bombsites to retake.

CS:GO data (Image via Leetify)
CS:GO data (Image via Leetify)

Why is Inferno hard to retake?

Throughout last year, pro players and analysts shared their opinion that CS:GO was CT-sided. This means that every map had a huge advantage while playing as the defense. Still, Inferno ranked as the most balanced map in the competitive pool.

CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)
CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)

Even if CT holds some advantage in Inferno, once the C4 is planted, the map automatically favors the T-side. The reason is quite simple. The T-side has a lot of angles to hide themselves to defend against the bomb. Another detail is that if you have more than one player alive, it's easy to cross aims and wait for the enemies to enter them.

If you're a CT and have to retake, in the case of bombsite B, you have three points that you can enter in the region and all of them are very exposed to many angles that a T-side player can hold. Some of them, like the Banana, are very open. If you come from this region, you can take hits from four places minimum while entering the bombsite.

CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)
CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)

As for the A site, the situation is even harder for the CTs. The region where you have to plant the C4 has a lot of boxes where you can hide easily. In addition to that, you can still defend the bomb from strong positions such as inside the Long Hall. That's where you can wait for the click of the defuse and appear out of nowhere to give hell to your enemies.

Why is Nuke so easy?

On the other hand, bombsite B from Nuke is the easiest to retake. The reason behind this is that the situation in this region is the opposite of Inferno. If the T-side players can plant the C4, then they will have a lot of regions to look at. Also, is not easy to cross aims in the B site of Nuke.

CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)
CS:GO screenshot (Image via Valve)

For instance, there is not a single point to hide inside the bomb spot that won't leave you exposed to others. The only thing that helps a little bit with the T situation is the fact that three of the four entrances of the B sites are guarded by doors or glass. This way, the CTs will have to make noise and show their positions in most cases.

Still, this goes both ways. To enter the site, T-side players have to make noise. No wonder it's normal to see teams leaving not one player inside of the bombsite to defend it.

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