Arteezy’s gambling streams on Kick leave fans disappointed cover image

Arteezy’s gambling streams on Kick leave fans disappointed

Arteezy recently started streaming gambling content on Kick and the community is not pleased.

It has been twenty days since Dota 2's star, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, made his entrance to the notorious green platform, Kick. Arteezy casually announced his Kick account and started streaming on the platform, gradually accumulating followers on the new account. However, Arteezy recently started streaming gambling content and his fans are not happy.

Arteezy streams slots on Kick.<br>(Screenshot from <a href="">Arteezy's Kick</a>)
Arteezy streams slots on Kick.
(Screenshot from Arteezy's Kick)

Arteezy starts gambling content following move to Kick

Shopify Rebellion's carry player, Arteezy, made an unprecedented move in the Dota 2 community by moving to Kick this early November. He is the first notable streamer in the space to enter Kick, followed by Dendi and B8 a couple of weeks later.

This surprised a lot of fans and there were plenty of question marks surrounding Arteezy's move. It is no surprise to see the hesitant support from fans as Kick is backed by Stake, a massive online casino. Many wondered what prompted Arteezy to join the controversial streaming site and if he would need to promote gambling.

It seems like Arteezy indeed made a gambling deal as he recently began streaming slots - a heavily luck-based game. His Kick account, which has accumulated more than 10K followers, now mainly streams Dota 2 with a sprinkle of gambling content.

Arteezy's recently streamed categories on Kick.<br>(Screenshot from Kick)
Arteezy's recently streamed categories on Kick.
(Screenshot from Kick)

Fans react to Arteezy's gambling streams

Fans took to Reddit to discuss Arteezy's gambling streams and most of them are not in the positive. A Reddit thread commented, "This is so sad to see" and another calls it "deeply embarrassing".

Some in the community defended his decision, stating that Kick likely offered a lucrative deal that could spare him tons of money for the future. Some also debated that gambling is a colossal part of every sports industry and it isn't as big of a deal as many perceive.

However, a lot of fans also express disappointment in Arteezy's decision to make gambling content. A user stated, "Everyone has enough money to not do gambling advertisements if they decide it's something they don't want to be involved in. Most people, no matter how rich, still want more money. It is what it is."

Another commented to the statement, "It's a true test of character, I don't even blame him but I really respect the people that say no to stuff like this."

A Redditor also expressed his disappointment in the news, "Very disappointed in Arteezy here, I don't even watch his Kick streams because I don't want to support this shady platform."

Arteezy has been consistently streaming on Kick. He last streamed on Twitch fourteen days ago. You can find his stream channels below:

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