The new Dota 2 Dead Reckoning Treasure Chest unlocks some spooky Day of the Dead-themed sets!

The March 6 Dota 2 Dead Reckoning update added a brand new treasyre chest, the Dead Reckoning Chest. These new chests contain a series of new sets for Dota 2 heroes. Here’s all the info you need on Dead Reckoning Chests in Dota 2!

How to get Dead Reckoning Treasure in Dota 2

To unlock Dead Reckoning Chests and the new Treasure in Dota 2, you first need to earn Muerta’s Flowers. To earn Flowers, you need to take part in the Dead Reckoning mini-game. Essentially, before each Dota 2 game, you’ll be given a target. Get kills or assists on that target to earn Muerta’s Flowers. Initially, two Flowers unlock a Chest, but this increases as you unlock more Chests. Flowers are earned at the following rate:

  • Score one point to earn two Flowers
  • Points are earned at a rate of two-per-kill or one-per-assists
  • The winner (person with the most points in game) gets two bonus Flowers
  • Turbo games reward half the number of Flowers 

How to unlock Dead Reckoning Chests in Dota 2

To unlock Dead Reckoning Chests in Dota 2 and claim your set, you need a Dead Reckoning Key. You’ll start with five free Keys, but you’ll need to purchase the rest. This can be by either spending 20,000 Shards, or spending $2.49 per key.

All Dead Reckoning Sets

The Dead Reckoning Treasure contains 16 potential sets for you to unlock! The Tier 1 sets are just a bit creepy, but by Tier 2, they're fully Day of the Dead-inspired. Tier 3's Pudge set even unlocks a persona for you! And the Io is kinda crazy too!

Tier 1

  • Ruby-ridged Recluse Broodmother
  • Gilded Decay Ancient Apparition
  • Feasts of Fear Bane
  • Songs of the Soulfinch Windranger
  • Bantam Blaze Shadow Shaman
  • Darkwater Dominion Phantom Lancer
  • Fruits of Wane Leshrac
  • Flight of the Crimson Queen Death Prophet

Tier 2

  • Dead Heat Lina
  • Spectral Hunter Anti-Mage
  • Dying Light Dawnbreaker
  • Expired Gun Sniper
  • Death Adder Medusa
  • Soul Serpent Viper

Tier 3

  • Doll of the Dead Pudge
  • Altar Ball Io

Free Pudge Persona?

Yes! That's right, if you do manage to unlock that Tier 3 Pudge Set, you'll unlock The Toy Butcher Pudge Persona for free! Says so right in the description "Includes "The Toy Butcher" Pudge Persona if you don't already own it."

All the more reason to start killing people and earning Muerta Flowers we'd say.

Stay tuned to for more Dota 2 patch news, info, and more!

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