The first tier one playoffs after the huge patch 7.36 dropped. Find all information you need for DreamLeague S23 here!

HEROIC defeated Team Liquid 2-1 in the tiebreaker, wrapping up the group stage of DreamLeague Season 23. The DreamLeague S23 playoffs, spanning four days, will begin on May 23. This will also be the first tier-one tournament following the major 7.36 update. Follow us, and find all the information you need for this playoffs here.

DreamLeague S23 brackets

Eight teams are advancing to the playoffs of DreamLeague S23, featuring four teams in the upper bracket and four in the lower bracket.

Upper Bracket
Lower Bracket
Gaimin GladiatorsAurora
Tundra EsportsBetBoom Team
Team FalconsAzure Ray
Xtreme GamingHEROIC
DreamLeague S23 playoffs brackets

Schedule and results

The playoffs will span from May 23 to May 26, four days in total. Day one only consists of two Bo3 for the upper bracket. The next day, there will be three Bo3. This will be a major celebration for the community as Valve plans to release a massive gameplay update 7.36.

Supposed Time
May 23, 202412:00 CESTGaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports2-0
May 23, 202415:30 CESTTeam Falcons vs Xtreme Gaming2-0
May 24, 202412:00 CESTAurora vs BetBoom Team1-2
May 24, 202415:30 CESTAzure Ray vs HEROIC2-0
May 24, 202419:00 CESTTundra Esports vs BetBoom Team0-2
May 25, 202412:00 CESTXtreme Gaming vs Azure Ray2-1
May 25, 202415:30 CESTGaimin Gladiators vs Team Falcons2-0
May 25, 202419:00 CESTBetBoom Team vs Xtreme Gaming2-0
May 26, 202412:00 CESTTeam Falcons vs BetBoom Team2-1
May 26, 202416:00 CESTGaimin Gladiators vs Team Falcons0-3
Playoffs schedule and results

Where to watch the playoffs

The official ESL_DOTA2 channel will be broadcasting the playoffs. We have attached it below for your convenience.

DreamLeague S23 playoffs overview: What to watch

Since this is the first top-tier event after the major 7.36 update, every match will be chaotic and exciting. If you have enough time, we recommend watching all the matches you're interested in. If you need to choose, here are our suggestions:

  • Team Falcons vs Xtreme Gaming rematch: XG sent Falcons to the lower bracket back in the last PGL event. But this time XG will meet the full squad of Falcons.
  • Azure Ray vs HEROIC: Both of them still have the chance to qualify for Riyadh Masters 2024 now. The team that gets eliminated means that they need to fly home for open qualifiers.

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