Faster than the Turtles, brighter that the Ray! G2 x iG will play The International 13.

On June 10, Team Zero surprised the world by beating G2 x iG during TI 2024 China qualifiers. The region had two slots available, so they had a second chance through lower brackets. However, they had to face the new fan favorites, Team Turtle, and the always scary Azure Ray.

G2 x iG managed to beat both of them on the last qualifiers' day. But both BO3 series went to the third game, and all six games felt like they could go for anyone.

G2 x iG vs Team Turtle: Somnus TI attendance streak is over

It all started in 2015. Somnus was part of the legendary LGD squad that second and third place while trying to get the Aegis of Champions. Years passed, and his TI attendance wasn't as memorable, but still got the chance to compete. This would've been his ninth attempt, but G2 x iG decided against it on their TI 2024 China qualifiers run.

After winning the first game, G2 x iG quickly adapted to ban the Dark Willow twice. The rest of their picks were all based on the new meta. They picked Centaur for game two, the highest win rate hero of TI 2024 China qualifiers. Team Turtle also tried to play around this pick on game three, but they had nothing to stop the Dragon Knight + Templar Assassin + Lycan pushing strategy.

G2 x iG vs Azure Ray: The Lower Bracket Finals

The TI 2024 China qualifiers came to a conclusion with a 2-1 victory for G2 x iG. However, the qualified team forgot to do something that they already had done versus the Turtles: Ban Shadow Fiend. Azure Ray took advantage of one of the strongest heroes of the patch, winning game one.

Unfortunately for them, G2 x iG didn't make the same mistake for the rest of the series. They may have not picked Centaur this time, but they closed the series with Pangolier, the JT- special. The offlaner not only crushed his lane, but also ended with a KDA of 12/2/19. With this victory, G2 x iG will be playing The International in Copenhagen.

G2 x iG joins Team Zero as the TI 2024 attendants through China regional qualifiers. They also join Xtreme Gaming as the third Chinese team playing the tournament. Keep following for more information on teams qualifying to the biggest Dota 2 event of the year!