The physical confrontation likely occurred due to Gabbi’s trashtalk in a recent pub match.

Blacklist International members are allegedly in the midst of a bizarre conflict. The team's carry player, Kim "Gabbi" Santos, just announced his departure from Blacklist International on his Kick livestream. He revealed that someone in the team had punched him in the face and some of the community believed the person to be midalner Abed "Abed" Yusop.

A Reddit user summarized the story in a post on the Dota 2 sub-Reddit. Apparently, Gabbi had trashtalked Abed and exposed a sensitive information about him in a pub match. This likely led to Abed's rage and he proceeded to punch Gabbi, who would leave the organization due to the conflict.

A pub match trashtalk between Gabbi and Abed leads to this conflict

The entire feud likely began a couple of days ago in a Dota 2 pub match where Gabbi was on the opposite team from his teammate, Abed. This match was also livestreamed on Gabbi's official Twitch channel. In the game, there was a moment when Gabbi's Timbersaw managed to deny himself to neutral creeps, saving himself from Abed's Templar Assassin.

Right after, Gabbi all-chatted question marks and the words "L BUNGAL" which is Tagalog for "L TOOTHLESS". Abed responded with "huh?" and Gabbi was visibly entertained with the situation.

You can find the moment in the video below at the 9:23 minute mark.

Abed allegedly punched Gabbi, Gabbi leaves Blacklist

In a recent Kick livestream, Gabbi revealed a shocking story that happened at his bootcamp. According to Reddit user Ptts, Gabbi elaborated that he was watching an NBA (National Basketball Association) game while waiting to do content for Blacklist International.

A summarized translation of Gabbi's statement via <a href="">Reddit</a>
A summarized translation of Gabbi's statement via Reddit

Out of the blue, someone punched him on the side of his face. He initially thought that it was a playful punch but it didn't stop. Although he didn't reveal who confronted him, his Kick stream title hinted at Abed.

The stream title reads "NASA LOOB ANG KULO" which is Tagalog for "Calm on the Outside, But Seething Within" according to Reddit user DCalebb. In the stream title, Gabbi also announced his "LFT" (looking for team) status, indicating that he left Blacklist International.

Throughout his stream, he also talked with Filipino pro player, Carlo "Kuku" Palad, about who is going to replace him. Gabbi made clear statements that he has no intention to "return" to Blacklist International.

Inactive Filipino player, Armel "Armel" Tabios, also jumped in to see the drama. On his livestream, he was browsing the comments on Gabbi's page. He stumbled across a comment by Gabbi's apparent uncle, who called out Abed for a fight.

Screenshotted from <a href="">Crypto X Dota</a>
Screenshotted from Crypto X Dota

Gabbi has a reputation for trolling

Gabbi is the biggest Filipino Dota 2 streamer and he is notorious for his content-centric personality. While playing tier 1 competitive Dota 2, he also puts in a lot of time to entertain his fans on the side.

A lot of people mentioned that Gabbi could be trolling for the sake of content. He might not have any feud with Abed or he may still be in Blacklist International. After all, there hasn't been any official announcement of his departure.

But for long-time fans of Gabbi, many are convinced that this is indeed real. Gabbi has recently unfollowed Abed on Instagram, but Gabbi remains in Abed's following list.

UPDATE: Blacklist International responds

UPDATE: Blacklist International just posted an official statement. In its private official group, the organization stated that they're working through the situation. BI asks for everyone's patience before taking any appropriate action as it is a "private and personal matter".

We are aware of the incident between two of our players in our Dota 2 squad. We ask for everyone's patience as we work through this situation, as it is a private and personal matter. We are currently reviewing the situation further before we take any appropriate action.

Blacklist International Management

For now, keep your eyes peeled for any updates regarding the Gabbi-Abed situation here on