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Gaimin Gladiators win the Lima Major


Gamin Gladiators defeated Team Liquid in the Grand Finals to win the Lima Major in a 3-0 sweep of their opponents.

Gaimin Gladiators have defeated Team Liquid in the 3-0 Grand Finals to lift the trophy at the Lima Major. GG secured the victory over Team Liquid with an impressive performance, winning the first-ever South American Dota 2 Major.

But Team Liquid didn’t go out without a fight. Despite missing four position Boxi, Team Liquid with stand-in Jabbz were able to push Gaimin Gladiators to their limits. Even with a 3-0 scoreline, the true story is of a Team Liquid that gave their roster everything they could to challenge the Gladiators, but fell slightly short.

In the final match, Team Liquid went out on their own terms — playing a bizarre lineup with Ancient Apparition mid and Tiny carry. At one point, Team Liquid looked like this bizarre, almost all-support lineup would take a victory. But Gaimin, with their incredibly consistent play across the board, took the victory.

Gaimin Gladiators defeat Team Liquid at the Lima Major

Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, Marcus “Ace” Christensen, Erik “tOfu” Engel, and Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp now enter this history books as Dota 2 Major winners. For all, except Ace, this is a first. But special notice should be taken to multiple-year veteran Quinn, whose first event on a WEU team earned him a Major victory. Seleri also becomes the first player from the Netherlands to win a Dota 2 Major. 

On stage after the victory, the team gave interviews to Avo+, explaining how amazing this felt. And after each spoke, the Lima crowd chanted their names. Gaimin Gladiator’s staff and supporters, including the management, were on the sidelines, visibly moved to tears by the victory. This is a pinnacle in the organization’s brief history.

It’s a great end to a unique tournament, seeing Gaimin Gladiators win the Lima Major. The team hassoared to the top of the Dota 2 world, not dropping a single series in the upper bracket during this event. Let’s hope they can stay there for a while!

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