End of the line for HellRaisers as Talon beat them 2-0 at Lima Major cover image

End of the line for HellRaisers as Talon beat them 2-0 at Lima Major


Talon Esports keep the South-East Asian dream alive at Lima Major as they take out HellRaisers from the equation.

One of the two remaining Eastern European teams bows out of Lima Major after a disastrous series against Talon Esports. HellRaisers did not stand a chance after Talon overwhelmed them 2-0 at the lower bracket. In the first game, Talon outdone HellRaisers 56-19 with a net worth gap of 40,000. In the second game, they took the upper hand once again with a 44-16 score and a 32,000 gold advantage.

A respectable first Major playoffs for HellRaisers

Despite taking an early exit from the playoffs, HellRaisers have achieved a respectable accomplishment. They have made it to the Lima Major playoffs and finished 9th-12th even though this is their first Major. Previously, the team has only made it as far as the qualifiers for Shanghai Major in 2016 and Chengdu Major in 2019.

HellRaisers performed formidably throughout the tournament even with a last minute standin. In an exit interview, team captain Alexey "Solo" Berezin comments on the challenges he faced within the last year of his Dota 2 career, having jumped around from on team to another (Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere). He stated that he is "super happy" that he has met his fellow teammates at HellRaisers and is eager to play more with them. He added that he feels responsible in taking care of his teammates who are much younger than him and are likely more green in experience. It is only the beginning and Solo appears to have a positive outlook for HellRaisers' future.

Talon to secure 100 DPC points

By eliminating HellRaisers, Talon will move forward to the second round of the lower bracket. As a result, they have guaranteed at least 7th-8th place victory at the Lima Major and locked in 100 DPC points. They will face yet another Eastern European team, Team Spirit on Friday, Mar. 3, 10:00 a.m. PST. This will be a crucial matchup as both teams are the final bastions representing their respective regions at Lima Major.

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